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Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

We feed our 2 year old son steroids for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kidding we don’t but by the size of him, you’d think we did.

I often worry about his size. Not that being a tall person is bad but we all know how kids are. I’ve already heard comments on the playground from other older kids such as “Mom, why is that kid still wearing a diaper?” and “Don’t talk to that kid. He’s stupid and he can’t talk”…that? breaks my heart.  I find myself running to his rescue on the playground and having to explain (and sometimes scold…yes I do) to the older kids that he’s only 2.

I’ve watched my nephew grow from wee one to handsome 13 year old. He is 6’6 already and he hasn’t even hit puberty yet. He is the victim of bullying because of his size. Can you believe that? He could probably kill someone yet HE is the VICTIM. It breaks my heart.

Chunky doesn’t understand why some of the kids ignore him on the playground or why some ADULTS gasp at the grocery store when they see him with a soother (yes, he still sucks on a soother) but he’s getting older and wiser. I just pray that his size is never something to be ashamed of.

But when I watch him on the playground he holds his own. He is so much more confident and outgoing than I ever was and is.

That’s something that I had always hoped of my child. He makes me so proud.



  1. You know, that’s a tough one. I have a girlfriend who is 6 feet and her husband is 6’5″. Their kids are, obviously, very big for their age. When they were toddlers, people thought they should be doing way more advanced things – walking, talking, whatever. She had to keep explaining “He’s 13 months! He just learned to walk!” It’s hard. Our society is SO focused on appearance.

    I think Chunky is ADORABLE. And he will be the envy of every boy with his height – guys always want to be taller, it seems.

  2. Kelly Kelly

    Mea still has her binky. I’m not taking it away until she’s ready. It’s her lovey, and I’m not doing it.

    People can be jerks, and kids can be especially.

    Glad that Chunky is a boy, with that height, girls have a much harder time with it…I know, Mack is 5’11”.

  3. Amy Amy

    He will be wonderful. The kid everyone wants to be friends with because of his personality! Its so hard not to worry about it though!

  4. lex lex

    people suck, eff em. P still has her “soo-der” and diaper and she is almost 2.5, yes i get attitude, but as long as she is happy and healthy who cares. it is not like she is going to enter highschool with a diaper and soother…or as my late gran used to say, she won’t have them on her wedding day so why worry now! love that, love you hugs momma! 🙂

  5. My son is 17, about 5’6″ (and growing),weighs 90 pounds (and thats on a good day!) Tall, slender, awkward. {It is impossible to find pants to fit him} Most people guess that he is 12-14 years old and have looks of total shock when they find out he is going to be 18 this year. He could be a prime target for the bullies but, he holds his own. He is not bothered when people make comments about his size. He often makes remarks before they can telling them that “I’m just a wittle guy” or “Check out my manly physique!” We do joke around with him a lot at home to toughen him up to what others may say. {he also has ADHD & mild aspergers which make him socially awkward and not age appropriate} The way we deal with these things at home goes a long way with how he handles himself around others.

    Chunky will be fine! He has unconditional love from his family who will teach him to be proud of his physical, mental & emotional self! He will go far!

  6. But your husband is tall. So no problemo. And just tell other people to shut the hell up. He’s Two. Fuck, people drive me nuts

  7. Aww, kids can be so mean! I remember being at the park with my 2 and a half year old. He was so happy to be playing at the big kid park because he was now a big boy. Then one of the other kids playing said to his friend, “Watch out for the baby” and pointed to my “big” boy. My little guy burst into tears and would never go back to that park again. Poor kid.

    It just serves as a reminder that not everyone is going to have all the information and will say things that are hurtful or mean. 🙁 Your boy is precious and he’ll be an excellent help to his mama in the future by reaching those tall cupboards! 😀

  8. Claire Claire

    Man, I know how that is. I have a couple big’uns myself and people do tend to assume age by the size. I got some strange looks when I had a 4 year old who was the size of an 8 year old, having a hissy fit in the middle of the damn store. 0.o On the flip side I have small kids too. lol (I have tons of kids) My 2 oldest boys are 10 months apart and have at least a foot in height in between them. Sometimes ya just gotta give a big fat middle finger to everyone elses opinions and stinky attitudes!

  9. dude. Eddie is tall too. people say awful things and I go all momma bear on them.

    leave my kid the Eff alone unless you want my size 7 up your ass.

    or something like that.

    Chunky? Is fricking adorable and PERFECT.

  10. How sad that people and kids are so mean. There is nothing wrong with being tall.

  11. Don’t you just love adults who think it’s their place to judge kids? Makes.Me.Crazy. Give ’em hell.

  12. Ppl are mean and ignorant at times but I know that doesn’t make it feel better. When Chunky is making millions with the NBA he can go back to the playground and gloat!

    Heres my confession…my 3 yr old still has her soothed at night time! Those who judge can suck it! Ha ha no pun intended! 😉

  13. Well that’s just terrible. Kids are so mean, and usually all it takes is correcting them a couple times. I did the same with my daughter who was short. She got called all the names – elf, leprechaun, etc. My kids also had a montessori education in their early years which did wonders for them and their self esteem… and now in a regular (Catholic) high school, I can see a vast difference in their confidence and maturity compared to other kids who didn’t have that experience.

    In the end it all comes down to how you raise your own kid and how he/she internalizes things and their confidence. He’ll be fine. Especially with you as a mom. Keep on keepin on mama! :o)

  14. Aww! That makes me sad that some kids (and ignorant parents) are so mean! He is gonna be a tall, handsome kiddo with confidence that his mom and daddy teach him.

  15. He’s so cute!!
    I don’t have any wise advice or anything, but I know every mom out there can feel your heart break.

  16. My boys are all teeny tiny. People need to keep their comments to themselves. Your boy is the shiz.


    What is so hard about this, is that people will expect grown up behavior…and he’s only two!

    Thank goodness he is adorable beyond words.

  18. Shelley Shelley

    My daughter is 3 and she’s over 40 inches tall. Everyone thinks she 4+. It’s crazy how tall these little ones are!

  19. Another mom I know experienced the same issues with her son because he was so tall. People expected him to behave as if he was several years older than he actually was … why can’t people just mind their own business!
    Your son is obviously gaining his height from your husband. It’s a great asset as an adult!

  20. People & kids are so freaking mean! Even if he was older who cares if he still has a soother…I think I say this since my 3 1/2 year old still uses one. 😉

  21. Hey I gave you some awards over at my blog just b/c you are you~Hugs

  22. I totally scold some kids for being mean to my babies. What I really want to do is scold some parents some times. You just watched your kid be an asshole and didn’t say anything? seriously!?

  23. i can’t imagine the pain we will go through as mamas each time we see our kiddos get hurt. but it’s inevitable and that sucks!! Chunky is adorable. That’s all there is to it.

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