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No One Ever Told Me…

No one ever told me how hard Motherhood would be.

That I’d have to sacrifice sleep

Warm meals

And privacy in the bathroom.

No one ever told me how painful it is to hear your baby cry

Through colic

Through first shots

Through their first real illness

And how utterly helpless you would feel.

No one ever told me that breastfeeding is really hard

And that it’s ok to switch to formula

They thrive either way.

No one ever told me that it takes exactly 2 seconds for him to realize I’m not watching

And he knows exactly where I hide the good stuff.

No one ever told me that I would be “that” Mom in the grocery store

Or the restaurant

Or the department store who can’t control their child.

No one ever told me that my soul would be plagued with guilt

When I returned to work

When I chose to clean the house instead of playing

When I yelled

Or when I decided to take time for “ME”

No one ever told me how precious nap time is

And that it is perfectly ok to join him.

No one ever told me that no matter how much I clean

Or laundered

Or bathed

My house will always look dirty

And my kid will always be sticky

No one ever told me that my nerves would get pecked at

Stomped on

And reduce me to tears.

No one ever told me that I shouldn’t blink

Or I’d miss so much

No one ever told me that my pride would soar with his first crawl

Or his first steps


Or his first word

No one ever told me that he could fix my bad day with giggles

And hugs and kisses

That he’d make me laugh and cry simultaneously

No one ever told me that I’d make mistakes

And that it’s ok to not be perfect

My son still loves me the same.

No one ever told me to never underestimate their power

That he’d fill my heart with love

That he’d save me from postpartum depression

That he’d make me push myself to become a better person

For me

And for him

Yes, no one ever told me that Motherhood would be hard.

And no one ever told me that it would be the best thing that would ever happen to me.



  1. And now I’m all teared up first thing in the morning!

    So true…every single word of it.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day, Kim. 🙂

  3. That’s so perfect.
    I hope you have a great weekend and get to celebrate your time as the little dude’s momma.

  4. I was already feeling crazy-emotional this morning because my son “made” a pink chocolate rose for me at daycare, complete with a poem attached to it, and then I read this post! And now? I am a teary-eyed mess at work.

    It’s all true, every line you wrote. Thank you for the reminder of how amazing motherhood is. Happy Mother’s Day! ((hugs))

  5. You are a wonderful, HONEST mother.

    What a good person you are to show the real deal.

  6. MommaKiss MommaKiss

    no one ever told me you’d make me muthercluckin bawl on a friday morning.


  7. Wow, so perfect and so absolutely true! Beautiful. No one ever told me all those things too, but even if they had I wouldn’t have understood it until I’d live it. So glad to have found you and your blog 🙂

  8. Amen to all of this.

    The Peace Corps has the audacity to claim it’s “the toughest job you’ll ever love.” Admittedly, I’ve never experienced the peace corps, but I am willing to bet that their PR person doesn’t have children.

  9. There are so many things that people don’t tell us about being a mother. It is definitely okay to take a nap with your sleeping child. I do it as often as possible.

    You and chunky are so cute together.

  10. Absolutely beautiful post! You have put in to words what other mothers have felt but been unable to express. You have such a way with words … your new career as a writer is waiting for you!

  11. Amy Amy

    This is perfect.

    Happy Mother’s Day Kim!

  12. Kelly Kelly

    Just beautiful, Kim. Happy Mother’s Day.

  13. So very true…there are so many things we all were never told. Happy Mother’s Day to you this weekend!

  14. happy mother’s day, my lovely mamacita.

  15. Claire Claire

    bahaha @ mommakiss …. and totally agree

  16. Aw, I love it! Happy Mother’s Day!

  17. I just love this. What an amazing tribute. And it’s all so true. I wish someone had told me how amazing it would feel to hear “I love you” and how hard it would be when they get hurt. That horrible sick feeling like the world will never be the same.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you! You have earned it.

  18. No one ever told me you were out there waiting to bring tears to my eyes and warm fuzzies to my heart.

  19. Another amazing entry on the Blog Hop.

    This poem is so true. And so full touching moments. I love, Love, LOVE the pics, too! 🙂

  20. Thank you for linking up this beautiful beautiful post.

  21. Wow, you just said everything I would have said. Happy Mothers Day to my inspirational friend.

  22. Awwww. Beautifully stated. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, Kimberly!

  23. Kim, I absolutely adore this post. Every word is so freaking true. And beautiful.

    No one tells us this, because we wouldn’t believe it. Until you’re a mother, you can’t even imagine. And that’s okay.

    Happy mother’s day to you, my beautiful friend. xo

  24. Yep, you really can’t believe any of it until you’re a mother. Especially the part about becoming “that mom”.

  25. Just beautiful. So honest. Beautiful flow and the inclusion of the pictures makes it so much more meaningful. The poem itself was unique, honest and loving. The pictures and the hard work you must have put into putting it all together make it just beautiful! -Laverne

  26. that’s it exactly. No matter how many books you read or how many people you talk to, no one tells you any of the real, important stuff.
    First time, stopping by your blog. Makes a great read.

  27. JDaniel4's Mom JDaniel4's Mom

    They could have told me and I won’t have understood until I had lived it first hand!

  28. Anastasia Anastasia

    I think they told me, but I didn’t listen.

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