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Post It Note Tuesday

I want to die in a seductive pose like that...but minus the nipple twister

He may be small but he'd kick your ass for a chocolate bar


He totally just got dead guy germs all over his hands

You make me try peas. So I'm making you touch him.

My kid can play with whatever he says Momma bear

Yup we have a dirt stache hitler in our garden. Adds a nice touch No?

That's an automatic bath

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  1. Never mattered to me but my late husband was totally against his boy playing with baby dolls. Our sister-in-law gave him one for his first birthday and he took it back to the store!

  2. Love the photos, the message and the toddler speak.

    And yes, we so let our kids play with whatever they want!

  3. Amy Amy

    My son doesn’t have many “boy” toys yet because I refuse to buy more toys for our house. He plays barbies, babies and football. So what about it (said in a tough voice).

    I could really care less.

    Cute pictures!!!

  4. Hilarious post, Kim! So freaking funny.

    My toddler is into playing with trucks, planes, and every other form of transportation right now. But if he wanted to play with a doll, I’d be totally OK with that.

  5. Holy freaken funny!! Love the end result – I mean, really, who couldn’t use a Hitler statue in their garden!?!? Perfect!

    And my son is really jealous of his sisters’ American Girl dolls and wants the boy Bitty Twin for himself.

  6. OMG – so funny!! I love the end when hes a Hitler statue. My two boys don’t really play with dolls – but seem to enjoy my makeup and jewelry a great deal….daddy doesn’t love that.

  7. OMGAH! Sooooo funny!!! I am about to pee my pants at those pics. Hilarious!

    He is soo cute. My brothers played dolls with me. We had BIG boxing matches (this was when Rocky was popular) and they blacked the eye of my new born doll. In fact, all my dolls had taped hands. HA.

  8. I never understood why parents wouldn’t want their sons to play with dolls or toy kitchens. You want your sons to grow up to be good husbands and fathers, right? Playing with dolls teaches them to be a nurturing, caring Daddy. Playing with a kitchen teaches them to be a helpful Husband.

  9. purseblogger purseblogger

    LOL! Loved this post! He is dang cute

  10. Wow, is that dirt moustache ever creepy!!! Eeek!

  11. My son seems to prefer “girly” toys. He loves to cook and vacuum in his own little toddler way.

    BTW, I totally want a naked, dead man statue in my garden!

  12. I let my daughter play with trucks. I also let her play with dolls. The trucks are her favourite right now because they’re a heck of a lot more interesting than her dolls. She’s happy, I’m happy, all is well πŸ™‚

    I really hate those gender-specific toys like the pink Lego or the tool-box-for-boys/pink-purse-for-girls things. Just let them be kids, for the love of pete.

    And yes, I let Maddy dig in the garden. She’s just discovered earthworms. It’s awesome πŸ™‚

  13. MommaKiss MommaKiss

    My boys play with dolls any time we’re at a house that has them. And in the toy store. Oh and pushing strollers? Forgetaboutit! Not to mention, we also say “dirty hands, know what that means? You had a good day!” Heh.

  14. Well, you know I let my son wear his sister’s patent tap shoes, so dolls? Sure! The digging? Definitely!

    He’s ADORBS, by the way. Not the dead guy. Your kid.


  15. Your new garden statue is awesome. I don’t care what my kids play with as long as they are getting along.

  16. My son went through a doll stage – I took him to the store and bought the cheapest baby doll we could find (I knew the stage wouldn’t last long). He loved his baby for a few months and then it was lost in the toy box with Barney under the cars and trucks and planes and Spiderman, etc. I have no issues with it! (And if my husband did, he didn’t voice it – not to me anyway!) πŸ™‚

  17. Your post made me smile today. And that is exactly what I needed today.

    Blaming it on his dad. tee-hee-hee

  18. I don’t have a toddler yet, but when I get one (from the store, you know) I fully intend to force dirt under their nails. NOTHING sweeter than pudgy fingers that have been playing with the earth. πŸ™‚

  19. Do I let my wee boy play with dolls? Hell yeah! And right now his toenails are painted because mama’s were and he wanted red toes too. So he got them.

  20. my son played with a baby doll when he was little. At 6 & 7 years old he’d hang out with the girls in the neighborhood and play house or school. Today he plays soccer and football and rides his bike and plays video games. He’s all good

  21. Pop Pop

    Dying at the titty twister and hitler captions! You are hilarious!

    I played with my sister’s Barbies when I was 6: I usually was stripping off their clothes. I’m pretty that worried my parents quite a bit.

  22. haha. so funny. I was gardening this past weekend and dug up a St. Francis statue, that saint you put in the ground upside down in order to bring you luck when selling your home or in my case condo. I felt like a grave robber.

    new follower, glad I found you.

  23. OH my gosh. I literally just laughed out loud when I saw your new garden statue. Ava’s got a couple friends she can retire that we may have to put in our new garden. Maybe it’ll keep the Easter Bunny away because she’s scared he’ll come eat our carrots.

  24. yes to both. dolls and digging. word.

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