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Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

When my son falls asleep, I like to get real kinky in the boudoir by making out with…


I’m not very good at sharing.

Don’t judge me.



  1. I have been known to do that too. I ate like 5 suisse rolls today in secret.

  2. I think we all do this a bit. The worst is when my little guy wakes up in the morning and sees the empty Slurpee cup and figures it out. Mommy gets busted a lot!

  3. Hahaha! Hilarious. I often wait until the kiddos are asleep before I fix myself a bowl of (too much) ice cream and eat it in my bed.


    Sorry…couldn’t resist the Friends reference.

    Also? Neither do I.

  5. So funny, if I ever want to eat anything good in our house I have to hide too.

  6. hahahahaha. that is sooooo true. I don’t have little kids anymore, but since the grandkids live downstairs, I always have to “hide” when I’m eating a snack.

  7. Dirty girl 😉

    I always wait until C is in bed to have dessert. Partly because I don’t want to share and partly because I want to enjoy it without someone yelling or banging or generally just disrupting ice cream heaven.

  8. So funny! If I ever want to eat anything yummy I need to hide it and then sneak it later.

  9. I was JUST telling Brian that someone should have warned me before having a baby just how frequently I would have to share my food with my child before I had one!!
    I HATE sharing food! Think Joey from friends, “Joey does not share food!”
    I will slide an entire tube of pringles up my sleeve to keep them to myself!!

  10. I do not judge. I do it too! I don’t like sharing with my munchkin, she takes big bites!

  11. Hahaha! I asked my girlfriends today how to get a grease stain out of my sheets – from eating KFC in bed.

  12. Kir Kir

    I never judge a girl with dessert. You look so cute.

    I took a KLONDIKE bar upstairs with me last night, when John took the boys for a walk. hehe hehe

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