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Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

I’m having a hard time blogging.

Perhaps it’s the current funk that I’m in.

Or perhaps that the sun outside is more enticing than plugging away at the keyboard.

Or perhaps I’m enjoying spending time in the moment with my son without thinking of possible blog subjects.

Or perhaps I’m daydreaming too much about my first poop in my newly renovated bathroom.

Or perhaps I’m enjoying curling up with my husband more than the light of an ipod at night.

Or perhaps I just have the serious case of a lazyness.

Whatever the reason is, I just don’t feel like writing or reading.

And it sucks because I love blogging. I love being a part of this awesome community. So I really have no idea why I’m feeling so irritated with it.

There are other things too that I have no desire to do like scrapbooking and reading books and hanging out with friends and heaven forbid shopping for my dream bathroom. (PS. I think if I’m dragged to Lowe’s one more time I may stab someone with measuring tape)

I feel like everything I do right now takes tremendous effort and a lot of mental coaxing like “Kim put down the Popsicle and get off your ass and take a shower”. I still have explosive unhealthy energy to do things just not the motivation to do them. Isn’t that weird? I’m like a sloth-like lump in my life right now.

I spoke to Dr. B about it and he thinks that the decrease in Cymbalta is the culprit and that it will eventually get better. If not, I have the choice to rough it out until it gets better or bump the dose back up. This is so frustrating. What to do? What to do?

I really just want to feel better and to be able to enjoy the things I love doing without feeling overwhelmed or irritated about doing it.

In the meantime, I think that I’m going to try to not force myself to do things that I don’t want to and just try to take one moment at a time. However, I will force myself to shower. You’re welcome Shawn and society.

If I am MIA from commenting on your blogs, I’m sorry. I’m not being a snob I promise. And I also promise that I will try my best to stop sounding like a Debbie Downer. You all are amazing readers and I thank you so much for sticking with me during these crappy times. You don’t even know how much I appreciate every single one of you.

What do you all do when you’re in a blog funk?

For those with bipolar 2, how long does it take for your medications to level out? And what the hell do you do with all this energy when you don’t want to do nothing at all?




  1. I sort of know that feeling and it sucks. I really hope the medication issue sorts itself out – I know how horrible that is. Especially when you don’t know if you should ride it out or change something.

    As for the blog funk, I think that’s normal. Not only when you’re having a rough time, but we all go through that I think. It’s okay if you don’t post as much and totally okay if you’re not reading or commenting as much. Everyone understands that – just don’t disappear forever. We kinda like you 🙂 (But when I do have a hard time I look for simple things or memes or things from Pinterest that inspire me and just go with that.)

  2. I’m going through a blog funk now too. It happens and everyone understands it. When I’m in that mood I usually fill a post with fluff. Simple things, pictures, that sort of thing.

  3. Blog funk? Totally okay and normal. Take the time you need to get your mojo back. I’d just unplug and do things other than blogging. Eventually, I’ll miss it enough to come back.

    Have a good weekend, Kim 🙂

  4. The blog funk is totally normal and okay. Totally. Take some time and then come back to us, or put less pressure on yourself to write every day opting instead for twice a week to keep traffic rolling by if that’s what you’re concerned about. But I’ll still be here 🙂

  5. jess jess

    Oh honey. You do what you want and don’t feel bad. Relax, enjoy your sweet boy and take in the sun. Xoxo

  6. We all get into the blogging funk every now and then. I find it helpful to have a bunch of cute pictures of the kids to post up when I don’t feel like writing a whole lot.

    Take your time getting back into it. I promise that we won’t email you too much with pleas like, “Where are you? Are you OK? Did you fall off the face of the earth.” We all love you and your writing and will be right here when you decide to return.

  7. Oh girl I’ve been in a bloggy funk too. I fill space with pictures of my kid or stuff we’ve seen if I can’t think of anything to blog about. Sometimes I’ll think of something to write about and I’ll forget, or I will lose the motivation to write about said topic. Then, there are times that I write about crazy stuff like hemorrhoids, but you know what? They piss me off and are definitely blog-worthy. So, I’m with you. This will pass, we’ll wait for you. 🙂

  8. That’s the depression at work. Glad to hear they’re working to re-adjust your meds. It will get better … I promise!

  9. jen jen

    The best thing to do in my humble opinion is to just chill a bit and not push to much. Give the bod a bit of time to adjust to the med change. And most importantly don’t be hard on yourself- be gentle. You have a great support system with your family, DR B and all of us, things will be fine in time. Go take a soak in that new bathroom of yours and relax, we all understand heaven knows we’ve all had our problems.

  10. when in a blog funk, i just don’t blog. And when I get back? I clear out my reader by hitting “mark all as read” even though I didn’t read them. It’s refreshing.

    Take a break, babe. Take it. we’ll still be here.

  11. You know what? You just might need to take a little break. Go for a few days or more without blogging or reading blogs and then you might just feel like getting back into it. Hell, it’s July, we all need a little summer vacay, right? Even if it’s a vacay from blogging. It’s okay. We’ll still be here when you get back. xoxo BY THE WAY. My husband told me that he was going to buy me something. I was super excited. He showed me the catalogue. A NEW TOILET FROM LOWE’S! So romantic. It even has the flush choice – full or half? God, I love him.

  12. Enjoy you down time. It might even be a time to gather ideas and make memories that will make great blog posts in the future.

  13. I decided to just go with the flo. If I can’t think of anything, I don’t post. I guess that is why I like to do the meme’s that I do because then it gets the creative juices going.

    Hang in there. You are going to be part of the magnificient party I’m going to have NOT going to BlogHer. Wait and see.

  14. “I’m like a sloth-like lump in my life right now.”….I get it ~pure madness! Ugh, finding the correct dose and medicine can be so terribly frustrating. I think what is important is continuing to talk about it. as. often. as. you. need. too!!!!

    Are you familiar with the drug Lamictal (for Bipolar II)? I know someone who started taking it about 6 months ago and its changing his life and improving his families life. Its response was almost immediate.

    Thinking about ya and sending some good mojo your way…

  15. Sometimes my blogs are forced, I don’t feel funny or interesting. But I try my best to at least write a short update to feel connected. Here’s hoping for a little inspiration for you.

  16. When my dr decreased my dosage of Cymbalta I felt like a sloth too. It was horrible. I would seriously lay in bed and do nothing! Getting out of bed to shower, watch tv, interact with the family, etc. was way too much effort sometimes. It was crazy because then I would realize what I was doing but not have the power to do anything about it. It was horrible!

    I wish you the best of luck and a very speedy adjustment.

  17. “enjoying curling up with my husband more than the light of an ipod at night” << I hear this can be fun, i must put my ipod down long enough to try.hehe
    Blog funks are totally normal hun, take all the time away you need, I'll still be here when you are ready to come back! 🙂 xx

  18. I think we all go through blogging funks. Take a break. Treat yourself to some sunshine and popsicles. But yes please, take a shower.

  19. Blogging, if done “right” takes alot of time and commitment. I think taking a break is good. I’ve backed off a bit myself, because sometimes there are just better things to do. Right.? 🙂

  20. I get that Blog Block quite often. It’s easy to say the way I fix it is to step away from the Blog. It’s just not that easy and it really bugs me until I get my head back into posting. Enjoy your break and come on back soon. Love your blog!

  21. Leighann Leighann

    Take your time. Enjoy your son. We’ll still be here.

  22. I felt like I just looked (or read?) into a mirror. I share so many of your feelings. In my case, it is the time of year. The heat zaps my motivation, yet I have so many things I want to do…but dont want to do at the same time. Don’t worry about it. If your readers love you, they will return when you are ready to write. I know I am always reading…

    Enjoy your break.

  23. I’m fighting my own blog funk. You just need to do what you need to do. Everyone will still be here. Taking care of you and your family is always #1.

  24. So, I’m getting around to reading blogs for the first time in what feels like months. And I needed to read this tonight. Because I’ve got some of my own funkiness going on (bloggywise, that is).

    Go. Take a grumpy in your newly-renovated bathroom. And eat a popsicle while you’re doing it. To me, it sounds like you’ve got your priorities right on. 🙂 xoxo

  25. Kir Kir

    it’s got to be the summer and the heat and the naps…cause I will not blog if I’m offered a nap. Seriously, I’m lazy. I love my blog , I love this community but I also love my DVR and my the feel of my bed under me while taking a nap.

    I will READ ANYTHING you write, anytime you write it. Just be good to yourself and know we all go through it. 😉

  26. liz liz

    Hey, I say that is dreaming of fancy pooping makes you happy, that you should do it! I hope your body adjusts soon to the lower dosage!

  27. You’re fine. Just take care of yourself. I will be checking up on you though so don’t go too far away. And when you’re ready to come back, we’ll still be here. Do what makes you happy. Nothing else.

  28. Kelly Kelly

    If it makes you feel any better, my anti-depressant makes me sweat profusely. I love you. I miss your posts, but understand when you can’t or don’t =) Time heals all. I think. I’ll get back to you when I find out for sure.

  29. I get the blog funk! Especially in the summer. One thing I did is when we went on vacation last week I had guest posters and took a 100% break from blogging – no reading, commenting, responding to comments, etc. It was amazing and just what I needed to get back into it. Grab a few guest posters and take a total break. It does wonders.

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