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Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

Every day when Shawn comes home from work, he cautiously asks me “Are you still crazy?”


This week the conversations have been a lot like this:

Shawn: Are you still crazy?

Me: Yes

Shawn: Can I do anything to help you?

Me: I have no idea.

Shawn: I’m not going to wake up one morning in Algonquin and find that you’re not in the tent am I?

Me: What?

Shawn: Like you’re not going to run off naked into the bushes to live with the bears are you?

Me: You are being ridiculous. I’d go live with the moose.

We are packed up and ready to head out into the great Canadian North to embark on our annual camping adventure in Algonquin Park. Fresh air, beaches, hiking, late night conversations under the stars, waking up to a giant moose rummaging through our campsite (true story), late afternoon snoozes in an airy tent, oh and beer.

This is going to be good for my soul.

We are gone for a week (thanks little brother for staying at our house to watch the fur baby!) and when we return, there will be a a big birthday celebration for Chunky. He turns 3!

I’m not sure when I’ll be returning to the blog sphere so Mommy-hood Confession will be taking a bit of a hiatus. I did write a post for my dear friend Miranda which will be up later this week…even though I won’t be here…she said she has ice cream there so you better visit.

And I just want to also say that I feel really guilty for neglecting this space and reading other blogs but this is what I need to do for me right now. I’ll be back soon.





  1. I think a camping trip is a wonderful getaway! Have a great time.

  2. Oh have so much fun Kimberly! And don’t take those guilty feelings with you! I’m sure I speak for your other readers when I say we don’t read you so you’ll read us…we do it because you’re a great writer and very entertaining. We also happen to have developed strong feelings for you. Do you know how ‘crazy’ that is? To care about someone you’ve never even met?

    Enjoy your vacation!

  3. Have a terrific time! I love camping. It’s the best mix of relaxation and fun. 😀

  4. Enjoy. Also, fuck the bear and moose. Find Tarzan, he’s hot.

  5. Have fun, sweetie! I’m sure you will have a nice relaxing time. DO NOT WORRY about your blog. Go live your life 😉

    Also? Our boys must have been born really close to one another. Landon turns 3 on Aug 8th!

  6. Go. Enjoy. Relax. Just don’t decide to shack up with the moose and not return! I’d miss you dearly! xo

  7. No guilt! We have lives we need to focus on too. 🙂 I’ve been neglecting mine the past 10 days of vaca too so I totally understand. Try to have fun and recuperate!

  8. Kim Kim

    Have fun! I can’t wait to go camping! I have a new tent and everything but life and schedules keep getting in the way! Safe and happy travels!

  9. have fun. you totally need this break. I will miss you, but your relaxation is what you need.

  10. All these lovely fans of yours must me American!
    You’re going to sweat your nuts off!
    A bear is going to come and sniff your unders while you and the Mr. and freakin’ your freak under the moonlight because it’s romantic YO!

    I hope you come back with lots of great stories and are able to type between itching the mosquito bites.

    I kid.

    A little.

    I hate camping.

    I’m not even kidding.

    BUT, I love you. And I’m so glad you’re doing this. Have a GREAT time. I’ll miss you while you’re gone.

  11. Girl, don’t feel guilty! Enjoy your time away! Love you long time!

  12. Have a great time. Don’t worry about us, we’ll still be here. Enjoy your time with your family.

  13. I think you need to take all that energy you’re using worrying about your blog and focus on making sure some GIANT Moose doesn’t confuse you for a chicken wang…

    Have FUN!!!

  14. Enjoy your time camping. We will miss you but we know you need to take care of yourself.

  15. Don’t you ever feel guilty about doing what you need to do to take care of yourself, even if it means neglecting your blog!

    Have a fabulous time.

  16. Delighted to hear you’re taking a break. The outdoors up north is always a healing place.

  17. Enjoy your time away! We’ll certainly miss you but we know you need to do this for yourself! 🙂

  18. Enjoy the trip! Disconnect and have fun. I’ll be going home next week. Can I go with you to the moose instead???

  19. KLZ KLZ

    Seriously – who the hell would go live with bears?

  20. Have a wonderful time in the wild and don’t worry about the blog, it will still be there later on. Btw, I’d rather run with the moose as well, they don’t bite and when you get tired of running, you can hop on their back for a while and take a nap. 😉

  21. have so much fun! you deserve it. Thinking of you as chunky approaches 3.. it’s a big one… love to you all!

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