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Just What The Psychiatrist Never Ordered

Sometimes it’s not the medicine that I take every single day

Nor the time spent being counseled by my psychiatrist,

Nor the self-help books I pick up at the library.

Sometimes it’s not the wishing

Nor the praying

Then the dreaded waiting for either to work.

Sometimes it’s just sitting in the middle of the room surrounded by the ones I love

And soaking in their smiles.

Sometimes it’s the closeness of my sister

And knowing that I always have her to count on.


Sometimes it’s finding my camera filled with photos that I have not taken

My family is not perfect

But we sure know how to have a good time TOGETHER.

Sometimes it’s putting the worry aside about what other’s will think

And just having unadulterated fun.

Sometimes it’s letting go of the problems of the past and not thinking about potential problems of tomorrow

Sometimes it’s about letting IN and embracing the NOW.


And realizing how wonderfully blessed I am

In this moment.


Sometimes it’s remembering that I am witnessing and taking part in something so much bigger in this life

I am his Mother.

I am helping to shape a future

And he is helping to shape mine.

I think we’re doing a pretty good job at it.

Sometimes it’s recognizing that on my worst days,

That I am somebody’s daughter,




And friend

They love me no matter what.

It is not a pill.

It is not a doctor.

It’s unequivocally the power of my family and friend’s love that saves me every single day.

It has always been them.

They make me certain that this life

Is worth fighting for.

I will never give up.

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