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Hot Or Not, This Meal Is Kid Approved #LMDConnector

The winner is comment #21!


  • Myra R
    September 11, 2012 at 4:46 pm

    i would prefer mild i am a wimp and cannot handle spicy! pepper is spicy to me!

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If your child is anything like mine, you know that every plate of food that is put before them gets the royal inspection.

“Are there green things in there?”

“I can see onions.”

“I think this stuff looks too runny.”

“It’s too hard to pick up with a fork!”

And our son’s favourite line:

“This is too spicy hot. It will burn my ‘froat’ when it falls into my belly.”


The kid can’t handle it.

A lot of people can’t, which is why Old El Paso is getting my praise for making a new line of products that are sure to satisfy the tenderest of taste buds and to satisfy the people who love a good kick to their meals!

I decided to give the Extra Mild Super Tasty Kit a try.

Chunky was super excited about it!

Aside from the ground beef, sour cream and our favourite toppings, everything was included in the kit to prepare the yummiest tacos.

And it was fast and easy to make.

Hello after school and work time saver!

I won’t lie and say that I didn’t worry about Chunky liking them. When I put the taco on his plate he smirked and said “I smell spice.”

Kid is too smart.

After a little coaxing and allowing him to top his own taco with whatever he wanted, he went in for a bite.

I’m not so sure about this…



I’m going in…



When Old El Paso said, “Extra Mild Super Tasty” they really meant it.

These were delicious!!

Definitely kid and parent approved.

They also have a Hot And Spicy Fajita Kit and Mild Taco Seasoning.

Old El Paso wants you to have the chance to enjoy a tasty Mexican meal too, so they are offering $1 off any Hot or Mild Old El Paso Product. Get your coupon on the Life Made Delicious Facebook page today!

So question for you…

Want to win some goodies?

Of course you do.

Old El Paso is offering one All Work And No Play CANADIAN reader a $50 prize pack that includes the new Hot and Mild products, their famous Pickled Jalapenos, 1 jar of salsa, refried beans, and an adorable Dip It Salsa bowl.

All you have to do is tell me in the comment section what you would prefer. Hot or Mild?

Contest open to CANADIAN residents only!

Winner will be chosen by and will be contacted by email. Contest ends September 20th 2012 at 11:59 pm.

Disclosure – I am participating in the Life Made Delicious Ambassador Program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of General Mills. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own




  1. Jonnie (JB) Jonnie (JB)

    I prefer hot but my stomach doesn’t agree with me so I usually end up eating mild.

  2. I loves the hot and spicy foods! My stomach hates the hot and spicy foodsd! (If you ever read my post titled “You’re Welcome” you’ll understand). I’m glad you found something Chunky isn’t questioning. I don’t know what it is, but mine all eat green stuff (knock all the wood) so that makes me even happier when I hear of a fickle eater liking something fully.

  3. I cannot stand spicy hot!! Love that they’re coming out with this. Awesome.

  4. Marsha Marsha

    Mild! 9 months of reflux = spiceaphobia 🙂

  5. I love spicy but my kids don’t so we always go for mild. We love tacos!

  6. Kande Kande

    I am with Chunky – mild all the way! I loathe spice ( hot – love tasty spices!). My husband is polar opposite ( yes polar is a weird word to use when talking about spice!), he adores hot hot hot! And yet he married me ( haha)

  7. Amy C Amy C

    I prefer hot.

  8. Jennifer Barata Allen Jennifer Barata Allen

    I prefer Mild and so do my kids, but my husband prefers hot. So we usually have both at a meal.

  9. angela m angela m

    I prefer hot

  10. Christina Ferguson Christina Ferguson

    I use to prefer hot when I was younger but my tastes are on the mild side now.

  11. Dayle B. Dayle B.

    I would prefer mild but sons like theirs hot, hot, hot and spicy.
    Old el Paso has been a family fav. for years.
    Thanks for making me smile, re your sons, comments.
    love the line “I can see onions.”
    Great pics too.
    Also, the Old el Paso prize Pack would be a Hot Hit in our families pantry.
    “Let the taco party begin”, eh.

  12. Jan Jan

    We are about a little bit spicy in this house!

  13. Shara W Shara W

    Mild! I love spice but it doesnt love me 🙁

  14. Kim Barrett Kim Barrett

    Well, “I” like hot, but the rest of the family, including my husband, likes mild.

  15. kitblu kitblu

    I love HOT – the spicier the better. That being said I must confess that I made a cooked version of spicy vegetable juice that is TOO HOT for me! I have to mix it with with water and some lemon juice. It is still hot but very tasty!

  16. Tammy Tammy

    I prefer Hot!!!
    dalleykt at live dot ca

  17. deanna B deanna B

    Mild, I can’t handle spice in my food. Just in the rest of my life. Hee hee

  18. marion vardy marion vardy

    mild for me

  19. bina edwards bina edwards

    I’m a mild gal, although sometimes that gives me heartburn too

  20. Linda Kwolek Linda Kwolek

    Mild, then I let my family add to their desire.

  21. Myra R Myra R

    i would prefer mild i am a wimp and cannot handle spicy! pepper is spicy to me!

  22. Yan Yan

    i like mild, hot usually dull my sense of taste

  23. Jessica g Jessica g

    I prefer mild not a fan of hot

  24. Ok so I can’t win, but I want to try this! Then I can train Allie on eating that shizz. I mean, I live in Texas and all. The ship has sailed for Ava, but there’s hope for the little one!

  25. Adina H. Adina H.

    I prefer hot.

  26. Glogirl Glogirl

    I prefer mild.

  27. Cheryl Grandy Cheryl Grandy

    I prefer mild; my husband prefers hot.

  28. Michelle B Michelle B

    I prefer hot.

  29. I would choose hot and spicy. We’re wimps but I like to try not to be sometimes.

  30. Laurie B Laurie B

    I prefer mild.

  31. Elaine Bolduc Elaine Bolduc

    can’t handle the hot stuff…give me mild any day

  32. I love the spicy fajita kit but it didn’t love me in return. The extra mild was hit with my picky 3 year old.

  33. Sheila Sheila

    I’d like to try the hot!!

  34. Nicole Nicole

    We’re definitely a “mild” household! Thanks for the great contest.

  35. Deb H Deb H

    We’re definitely a spicy family so I would say HOT!

  36. Brenda Penton Brenda Penton

    I prefer hot and spicy!

  37. Russell Porter Russell Porter

    Hot and Spicy!!!

    Add some Franks RedHot. Makes great taste extra-great. 🙂

  38. Nena Sinclair Nena Sinclair

    I love both Hot and Spicy and Mild, depending on my mood. Also, my kids aren’t crazy about Hot & Spicy, but if you top it with sour cream, it tames it a lot!

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