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Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

I hate you because of the 293425739054742 pictures you posted of your child on Facebook that ends up in my news feed.




I get it.

We all love our children.

We all think that our children are irresistably beautiful and we want to share that with the world.

Sometimes that beauty is only in the eye of the vagina that shot the child out.

Just sayin.

I love my son dearly.

I take a lot of photos of him.

Do I put some of them on Facebook?


Do I blog about him?


But I think that I do a good job of not crossing that fine line between being proud of your child and being fucking annoying.

And these people are dangerously teetering towards being more of an annoyance than waking up 3423 times a night to run to the bathroom and then trying to decide which end of my body will grace the toilet seat first.

Am I in a pissy mood?

You better believe it.

Speaking of bathroom, I scrolled through facebook while I writhed on the floor waiting for my GI tract to make a move when I had to endure veiwing 500 pictures of your children in the same bloody pose, only their head was tilted to the left in this shot and their smile was a smirk in this shot and they aren’t wearing shoes in this shot.


I don’t fucking care.

And I know that 99% of you (the 1% goes to the grandparents) don’t care either.

But the thing is, people will continue to feed into the madness by liking each picture.

Click. Like.

Click. Like.

Click. Like.

Stop liking them.

Stop it.

Stop encouraging this.

Your pictures are ruining my Facebook stalking experience.

 ::Do you get annoyed with all of the pictures posted on your facebook feed?

*This is a weekly meme. Feel free to confess and link up below.


  1. Please don’t unfriend me for putting up pictures of my children on Facebook!


    I’m with you on this! I feel the same way about people who post a million pictures of their nights out and vacations (how many angles of a beach can you take?). Asshats.

  2. I am starting to block people’s posts from showing in my news feed on my personal facebook. Here are some of the charges that you could be guilty of and blocked:
    1- “I love my child so much. I miss my child so much while I am at work. I can’t wait to tuck my child into bed tonight so we can snuggle. My child just inhaled. My child just exhaled. I just gave my child a cookie because it is so cute when they ask for a cookie.” You get the idea there right??
    2- “I have the best children in the world. I love them more than anything. I am so glad I homeschool and cosleep and never let them out of my line of vision because I love them so much” Thats great and all but don’t lie. You have days you want to choke them out! Every one knows the truth. You’re only lying to yourself.
    3- 9 out of every 10 of your current posts are political. Get real. It doesn’t matter who becomes president. You will all be complaining after they take office about the crappy job they are doing. I understand the president is at fault for everything in your life, including your constipation. Shut up about it.
    4- You may be my friends child but all of your inappropriate posts make me want to choke your parent. For real?? You need to be their parent, NOT their friend!
    5- You are the above mentioned parent and you make joking comments on your own childs inappropriate posts. I more than want to choke you.

    Ok… I need to stop before I block everyone on my page!

  3. I have a high school classmate and a neice who both are constantly posting photos of themselves, as in “don’t I look just gorgeous?” I’d like to tell one of the classmate she looks just as fucking old as the rest of us who graduated that year; And I’d like to tell the neice that when you are over 40 you no longer look good in your teenager’s clothes, no matter how skinny you are!

  4. They will soon get the message when tons of people start un-liking them!

  5. I read this and then went to post up my Confession on Facebook and lo and behold – a friend of mine has plastered my feed with a billion pictures of her kid. Now I love my kids and think they adorable doing every single little thing, but I realize that pictures of Lane’s potty training might not be appropriate for Facebook and no one needs to see that. Thank you for reminding us all of a serious annoyance and may we never repeat this atrocity in all our days. 😀

  6. I talk (brag?) about my kid too much on my blog, but I try not to cross that line too much. I do know what you mean, though. There are those that drive you nuts with it. In a spin, I have an old high school classmate who does it with pictures of HERSELF. She thinks she is a reporter/talk show host. She does have a mall outlet (read: podcast), and apparently some backers. But she’ll cover an event and post 25 pictures of herself doing so, each one just SLIGHTLY different than the last – like you said, a little more smile here, a little less head tilt there. ENOUGH ALREADY. And people who I have seen roll their eyes at her go and LIKE the dumb pictures! STOP WITH THE LIKING!

    Phew, sorry about my rant. I guess your post hit a nerve! Ha! 🙂

    • *small outlet, not mall outlet. Oops!

  7. I must be lucky because I don’t have too many friends that do this. And I also must be a horrible mother because I don’t post that many pictures of my kid…

  8. I get more annoyed by my stupid cousin who is part of a pyramid scheme who puts informative status updates such as “If you’re not a leader, you’re a follower.” or other things about “succeeding” in “business”. I would block him but then there could be a family disaster.

  9. confession? i had to really think about when the last time was i posted a photo that didn’t have my kid in it. Dangit.
    You are absolutely right though. 😉

  10. Haha! I used to worry I was annoying my friends by posting tons of pictures of my kids (WHILE WE WERE ON VACATION!!) but then I accidentally erased all those files off my computer and now the facebook shots are all I have left. Screw my friends. I’m so glad I have those pictures! Score one for being a nuisance!

    But since I trust your taste, I’ll try to be more careful in the future. 😉

  11. OMG I so feel you.
    Between that and this damned election, I’m ready to delete about 2/3 of my facebook friends. People need to CHILL!!

  12. You would so hate me on Facebook. Only I don’t post pics of my kids. I post pics of myself. In bikinis. I know, you aren’t shocked. But my aunts and uncles sure are when they mysteriously figure out how to log into their FB accounts, and there is their niece in a stripper pose. My mother is horrified by me and is torn between disinheriting me and knowing she’ll need me to chose her personal care home.

  13. I gave you a One Lovely Blog Award. Go to my page to see it.

  14. Currently I have a jack hole posting pictures of half naked women on motorcycles and hand guns every three seconds.
    Naked or nothin’ buddy.

  15. Uhoh. I’m so new to FB that I can’t help myself. It makes my mom happy. I’m so so sorryyyyyy!!!! =)

    Please say it isn’t me. I try to not be that horrible at it.

    But if you go look at my most recent picture posted it’s sure to make you pee your pants. It’s of my husband. I promise you’ll love it. And be a bit scared. xox

    Sidenote, why am I not friends with Leighann on FB? Unacceptable!!!

  16. I don’t get too much of that, actually. But I stalk blogs more than Facebook. Next time just head over to my blog. My children are GORGEOUS.

    Just kidding – I hope you feel better soon friend.

  17. I had to effing block one of my sisters’ news feeds in order to stop seeing “cute” cat pictures. They just mock me with their spray on the bushes by the front door.

  18. L.
    That is all. I am deleting the like button in your honor.

  19. You know what’s funny? I rarely get likes when I post pictures of myself on FB.

    I don’t think people like me. 🙂

    It’s true though. There’s is a fine line between posting a few cute pictures of your kids and going way overboard. I’m pretty sure I don’t go overboard. Considering my kids don’t even let me take their pictures anymore…..:)

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      @angie, Well in all honesty, I’d probably post more pictures…one here one there…but I’m lazy 🙂

  20. —Kimberly,
    want to know the truth.

    I don’t give a flying SHIT what people think. If they don’t want me to post photos, UNFRIEND Me, Biatches.

    Love U. X

  21. Yes there are some that always overkill- but they are usually the same ones who have way too many status updates too so some you just come to expect it- though it doesn’t make t any less annoying.

  22. Ha! I so get this. Because, this is terrible to say, but there are some kids that are cute and fun to look at and some that are just…..NOT! And it seems that the ones who post the most are usually the ones with the not so cute kiddos. Obviously our kids are adorable, though. PS- Don’t tell anyone I’m mean. 🙂

  23. O.M.G. Stop invading my mind! LOL!

  24. I guess your just going to have to hate me. Because I’m pretty sure I’m one of those people. I’ve come to grips with it and figure if people don’t like it they can unfriend me. Their loss, because I’m pretty awesome. 🙂

  25. Alec Alec

    I don’t think posting pics of your children (at all) is necessary. You come across a little contradicting when u say that 99% of people don’t care about our kids pics, excluding the 1% of grandparents – but u also admitted that “we all” like to share our kids to the world. So if 99% of the world doesn’t care about your kid’s pics, why do u want to share it with them? Are u saying that people don’t care about pics of our kids on the toilet, or in general?

    Your article is very superfluous, and frankly, does not answer anything.

    Let’s be honest, most people don’t post their kids pics with the sole purpose of their grandparents (or other distant loved ones) to keep updated – that is what email and skype is for.

    Most geandparents hardly know how to use Facebook, and if they do they surely know how to use skype or email. At least that way they can collect a pic and put it in their personal album, or interact with their grandchildren on a more personable level. But that isn’t the main reason most people post on Facebook, that is the main excuse people post on Facebook. Besides the 1% that genuinely do it to solely keep in touch with loved ones – 99% People do it to gain some level of self-validation; it’s the image that they want to prove to others. They post pics of their kids for their loved ones to see – hoping the rest of the world (or their group) will see it, and “like” it, or just the idea in general that someone else is interested in them.

    Again, your article is contradicting.

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