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Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

All I’m saying is, if I spend my time chiseling off dried up pee on the toilet,  I would like to be the first person to take a victory poo.

Perhaps there is some sort of pheromone in the cleaning solutions that I use that stimulates my boys bowels.

Perhaps they have some sort of built in poo-dar.

Perhaps they have snooty asses that needs pristine toilets to sit on in order to have a good poo.

Perhaps they are just like me and want to be the first to take a trophy poo after a good cleaning.

Perhaps I’m writing this post so that I can set some sort of record for mentioning the word poo a lot.




Whatever the reason is, my boys will poop on cue after I snap off my rubber gloves.

I cleaned it.

I should be the first to have a trophy poo.

That’s my goal for 2013.







  1. I think you need to clean only when you need to poop. Clean. Poop. Woohoo!

  2. Is a courtesy flush too much to ask for? I say no.

  3. Janet Janet

    You are absolutely entitled to have that trophy poo.

    Whoever cleans the toilet should have that right – that’s what I deeply believe.


  4. It’s only fair. And that trophy poop should be taken without anyone barging in on you too!

  5. Sue Sue

    You cleaned the loo? You get the first poo.


    An Anonymous Fledgling Poo-et (or maybe it’s just Sue)

  6. LMAO! Love how you can make ‘poo’ so much fun. For us readers anyways. XOXOs!

  7. I’m clearly a fan of this post, given the name of my blog. I got your comment about putting the Saturday confessions on my blog. I did and will do again. I was happy to do so, since I like the concept and this blog.

  8. No one should be able to use the loo until you have christened it after cleaning. I fully agree.

  9. After I de-poo the shitter I’ma be the first to…I can’t think of anything more crass to say. Use your imagination.

  10. Or you can just not clean. Like us. Kidding. But um yeah we clean not so much a lot. Thank goodness for girls.

  11. Oy, my son always, ALWAYS poos mid-meal. And guess who needs to wipe him up when he’s done? And then attempt to eat her meal again afterward?


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