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What Are You Eating On Your Way Out of 2012?

When I think about New Year’s Eve, I think about the good old times when my friends and I stuffed ourselves in barely there dresses, the dreaded dance sweat was no match for our thick layers of make-up, and we glued our perfect coifs with so much hairspray that we killed half of the ozone layer.

We would dance and drink right up until midnight.

Then we would hug each other and cry because we are girls and we do things like that.

Then we’d get kicked out of the bar. We would slur and stumble down the street missing one shoe, a rip in our nylons so deep that you could see Russia right through them, and a rogue fake eyelash.

Those were the days.

Then we grew up.

We’ve since swapped out the bars for cozy home parties. Fine wines replaced shots that were named after x-rated activities. Blaring music and disco ball lights were replaced with the soft glow of a Christmas tree and the shows before the ball drop on t.v.

And good hearty appetizers replaced greasy street food.

Every year we host a small New Year’s Eve party. The banter in our home is what makes this evening so special. Oh and the food. You’ll find our basement bar adorned with food ranging from homemade guacamole to pastries to sausage and cheeses.

This year we are introducing our family and friends to Tre Stelle cheeses.

On Christmas Eve we sampled various cheeses that Tre Stelle offers. Edam was one of the crowd’s favourite. This was the first time that I have ever tried Edam and I was surprised at how mild tasting this was. It pared well with the kielbasa we were also serving.

The Gouda cheese was creamy and delightful. Some people did not care for the smoked flavour, but I loved it. It was great on it’s own and pared with a good wine. We snacked on it long after our families left for the evening!

We also had Tre Stelle’s Bocconcini. We prepared the bocconinci by marinating it in balsamic vinegar. We then pierced them on a toothpick followed by a cherry tomato. My 4 year old loved them!

These cheeses are reasonably priced for the high quality that you will receive. I definitely recommend them.

If you want to learn more about Tre Stelle please head over to their website http://www.trestelle.ca

There is also a wonderful recipe gallery that will give you awesome ideas on what to do with your cheeses.

Whatever you decide to do this New Year’s Eve, please remember not to drink and drive.

From our home to yours, we wish you a wonderful and healthy New Year.



*Disclaimer: I received $25 in coupons to purchase Tre Stelle cheese for the purpose of this review. I also received the custom made Tre Stelle cheeseboard and the latest edition of Melt Magazine. All opinions are my own.

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