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Healthy Snacks Delivered

My mom used to make me the best lunches when I was a kid. I always had my choice of an egg salad or a tuna sandwich, both of which my surrounding classmates appreciated.

“Tell your mom to stop packing you fart sandwiches.”

Tucked under the same bruised apple that I forgot to eat for the last 2 consecutive weeks in a row, was the jackpot of all lunches; packaged fruit snacks. If you grew up in the 80′s you know what I’m talking about. Those jelly sugary half moon bits and those fruit roll-ups full of artificial colourings and flavours that were advertised on Saturday morning T.V. My dad used to make fun of my mom saying that just because it said fruit on the box doesn’t mean that the snack is fruit.

Oh so true.

But when you’re working full time and taking care of five kids, those prepackaged snacks were quick to throw in a bag.

And the cartoon character on the front said that it was made with a smidge of fruit juice.

Cartoons don’t lie.

My husband and I are healthy eaters. My son’s lunch bag has a sandwich, three snacks consisting of fruits and/or vegetables, and a sweet (yet healthy) snack like mini whole wheat banana muffins.

Since the winter season is nipping at our heels, the selection of fresh fruit and vegetables dwindle and even if there are any available, they are not ripe and lack flavour.

So in walks in those sugary snack options.

I’ve been nitpicking snacks in the organic section of the grocery aisle trying to find healthy alternatives for the winter months (and for on the go snacking) but truthfully, everything “sounds” gross. My hair dresser is vegan and has helped me pick out some great finds that I would have never even considered to let pass my lips.

Snacking conveniently while staying healthy is hard but doable.

Especially when you have a service like Snackbox.


Snackbox is a monthly subscription featuring curated premium, gluten-free, natural, and delicious snacks. Their trained chef and holistic nutritionist, Laura Mar, carefully chooses all the products that are part of Snackbox. The snacks are selected based on their ingredients and taste appeal. They are on a mission to help their customers discover new and delicious snacks that are healthier alternatives to
the typical junk food.

And they mail it…

…to your home.

I received the September Snackbox:


*September Snackbox (left to right) : Brookside Dark Chocolate Fruit, Gimme Organic Seaweed Snack, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Rocket Foods Apple Berry Jazz, Tapaz 2 Go,  Dan-D Pak Macadamia Nuts – Sea Salt, Angie’s Kettle Corn, Home Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brothers-All-Natural Asian Pear, King Island Coconut Milk, KIND BAR  Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew + Antioxidants, Nature’s Path Qi’a Superfood Cereal Cranberry Vanilla

Now for someone who doesn’t eat these treats might be a little intimidated by the ingredients, but I assure you, that these snacks were delicious. You’d be really surprised that they are loaded with flavour and remember, these snacks were hand selected and taste tested (I want that person’s job).

So don’t be afraid to dig your hand into a seaweed snack bag! I did! Survived it! I want more!

 Snackbox is a great way to encourage you and your family to make smarter and healthier snacking options. As a mom, I’d much rather stuff my purse with nutritious snacks for my son. I’m lying…it is for me. You (ok, and your family) can have fun tasting a variety of sweet and savory treats that you’d normally overlook at the grocery store.

And who wouldn’t want snacks delivered to their door?

Every month, you will receive a new box full of 10 to 12 new snacks in the mail…

…and you will have to resist kissing the mail carrier for bringing this instead of bills.

The box comes with a list of what is included in your box, a brief description of each item and where you can purchase them if you fall madly in love with them.

There are three different subscriptions to choose from:


Once you have selected your subscription option and given your address and billing information, sit back and wait for the goodies to be delivered to your door. It’s as easy as that. Your first Snackbox is shipped immediately and every box after that is shipped around the 15th of every month.

If you are not satisfied with your experience, they have a 100% money back guarantee. There are no commitments to this program, meaning that you can upgrade, downgrade, put the order on hold, or cancel your subscription at any time.

Why wouldn’t you try this?

If you’re looking for healthy snacking options that are convenient and chalk full of flavour, Snackbox is definitely for you.


To get you started, Snackbox is offering my readers a $15 discount on their first Snackbox. This offer is good until November 30, 2013. Use the code: ALLWORK


To learn more and to subscribe to Snackbox visit:


Call: 604.229.2804


You can also follow them on:




Do you want to win one?

SnackBox is offering one All Work And No Play reader a SnackBox of their own!

Fill out the Rafflecopter giveaway below. Good Luck!!!

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*Disclaimer: I received the September Snackbox for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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