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Mr. Sun

The sun is out and I can finally sit crisscross applesauce in my lawn chair that has seen better days. We got the entire set ten years ago as a bridal shower gift. Aside from the mismatched towels that I overlooked because they were incredibly soft and the toilet bowl brush that had plastic frogs floating in some sort of oil water concoction, this was the best gift. They won and got nothing but food. Talk about a raw deal.

The legs are starting to rust after many off seasons spent in a shed that floods whenever it rains. We really should fix it, but we don’t because it is a shed and we don’t sleep in there.

Only the spiders.

And that one time when angry hornets built a nest. They chased Shawn when he tried to bust down with a baseball bat.

It made for some good entertainment from the safety of the kitchen.

I love writing outside especially since I’ve been cooped up in the dungeon for far too long. I almost resorted to using the tanning beds again. They’re like winter’s incubator for big people who disregard warnings of skin cancer and introducing your child to the movie Frozen.

God damn you Disney.

Other things that I love doing in the backyard; gardening. I have no clue what the majority of the plants are called but I pretend that I do.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a menaculous phenaloveous of the pink variety.”

July 334
Yes, this is a rose. Chunky clipped it and made it our table center piece. Then a spider crawled out and that bastard had to go.

They all took a hit with this rough winter weather so I’ve been nursing them back to health. Chunky helped by ripping out the weeds which were my beloved daisies (yes, I know what those are). What can you do.

“Mistakes happen Momma,” he said to me when I crapped my pants.

Gardening is one of my top therapeutic things to engage in. It’s tough work but the end result is worth it. My pain specialist disagrees. When I saw him on Tuesday, he considered sending me his gardener because my back muscles were that tight. He gave me a private room, two pillows, a thick blanket instead.

Sometimes nurses get special perks as a patient…

I hate hearing people say “You shouldn’t be doing that” or “I thought that you couldn’t handle things like that” and it pisses me off. Just because my back is an asshole that doesn’t mean that I “can’t” do things or “shouldn’t” do things. I have good days and I take advantage of them. Life keeps keeping on just like I do. I am looking forward to all of this sun this weekend. Maybe we will do a little of this:

Taking a walk in the hood
Taking a walk in the hood

Maybe this: parkswing Maybe this: backyardball One thing is for certain. There will be beer because this Momma has a date with some new Mom friends.

And we are wild.




So what are my ‘Murican friends doing this holiday weekend?

You’re totally killing eyebrows with your BBQ’s aren’t you?

If you’re Canadian, how did May 2-4 go?


  1. Well so far my holiday weekend has been a real joy. And I’m not a nurse there are no perks. But if I ever learn how to swallow again, I’m gonna party.

  2. Good for you and ENJOY your weekend. We have a holiday weekend too, and I’m gonna be mostly looking after Niece and Neff. In the pouring rain because Summer is over already here. *sigh* I want the sunshine back.

    Glad you had fun gardening, even if it cost ya.

  3. Liv Liv

    I know what you mean – I hate that. My husband says to me fairly regularly – are you sure you should walk that far? You’re going to feel it tomorrow.

    I know I’m going to feel it tomorrow. He’s not wrong. But I won’t feel the sun on my face today unless I get outside. I’m not going to dig a hole and jump in because I had a car accident. They took enough away from me. They’re not going to take that away.

    Sorry…off on a tangent there. Enjoy the weather!!

  4. Jessica Jessica

    I totally understand how you feel. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis after me first baby almost 11 years ago and I constant hear the same things. But I have to work through the pain (which thankfully has been in remission since 2011 with a few flare ups along the way) and I hate being told I can’t do something or I shouldn’t do something. I hope you had a great May 2-4, mine was quiet and relaxing 🙂

  5. I think it’s awesome that you’re doing what you’re enjoying and not impeded by your asshole back. Go forth and shine!

  6. I love the sun and the garden, too. I’m in an apartment right now so all I have are some pots with flowers. Gardening is a lot of work though as you say ‘rewarding’. Enjoy, your long weekend! I love your pictures. Brings back memories for me of when my kids were little and we would go to the park.

  7. I wish I could hang out with you! Or would I be that awkward one? I’d treat everyone to ice cream at your favorite place so you’d love me.
    Have a wonderful weekend! Cassidy is going away for most of it and I’m going to attempt to take my kids to the fair. Solo.

  8. Gardening is SO therapeutic. It just feels so great to dig and plant and get rid of those goddamned broadleaf weeds that are infiltrating everywhere. I told my kids that we are in a battle with weeds, like a video game, and now they are helping weed.

  9. I know I don’t literally feel your pain, but I feel like there are a lot worse things you could be doing than gardening. A garden is like a balm for the soul, amiright?

  10. It has crept up to the 100 plus mark here, now my yard is a lovely crunchy brown.

  11. Gardening is the best therapy. But I’m happy I have jets in my tub to help deal with the physical repercussions. I spent most of the May 2-4 up to my elbows in dirt or at the garden centre. And there was definitely beer. I can’t seem to garden without it.

    Also, I realised that now that our big guy is 19 and has a driver’s license, I can now send him to the Beer Store for me when I run out!! Score!!

  12. I cooked on my indoor grill last night. Does that count? Tomorrow we’re going swimming at the MIL’s house IF it doesn’t rain and ruin our plans AGAIN.
    I love gardening too and then my back makes me pay for it but my God, are you just supposed to baby your back forever? You might as well stay in bed. Which some days is great but it does get old.

  13. I have a request for Shawn. Can he please build you raised gardening beds so you don’t have to bend over? He can build them chair-high so you can sit. Or he can build them standing height so you can stand.

    Then you can garden without being crippled for a week.

    (I wish you could garden at my place. I would even build you raised beds. I hate gardening, but I want a pretty garden anyway).

  14. we spent time at the zoo this weekend.
    burning our skin
    looking at the pandas.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      @Megan (Best of Fates), It is enjoyable. Really. Dirt. Who doesn’t love dirt. It’s the only time in your adult life that you can play in it…but you have to work…wait…ok you’re right…it’s work.

  15. I spent my “holiday weekend” with bronchial spasms and a sinus infection. But I did get a chance to enjoy the sunshine at a BBQ at my friends’ house. I just wasn’t allowed near the baby. Because obviously.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      @Roxanne, Oh no! That sucks. Especially on a holiday weekend. Look on the Brightside, you never got baby shit on you 🙂

  16. Dude, you’re not planting trees so I don’t see the problem. The benefit outweighs the alternative so enjoy.

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