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Teachers, Popcorn, And Toy Dinosaur

He counted the number of sleeps that he had left to the big celebration party that his JK teacher had boasted about all month long. There were promises of movies and dances and the piece de la resistance, popcorn. Unfortunately, Chunky only made it long enough to hand out teacher appreciation gifts. He cried as he said goodbye to everyone before we headed to the ER to find out what was wrong with his foot. His teacher gave him a big reassuring squeeze, knelt down beside him and said:

“When you’re done being so brave at the hospital, there will be popcorn waiting for you.”


For the first time since the wee morning hours, his face lit up as bright, if not brighter than the lights in Vegas.

After numerous x-rays, a consultation, shifting from one room to the next, and pain medications later, it was 2pm when the NP approached us in the ER.

A growth plate fracture and possible ligament tear.

The NP started to fashion a splint that ran up to Chunky’s knee. “You’re pretty brave man. Not a single tear.”

“I have to get to school for Mrs. K’s popcorn.”

“Well I better hurry it up then.”

Break #2 in 2 weeks
Break #2 in 2 weeks

With only 45 minutes left of the school year, we made it to  his school. His classmates pushed him to a table where a big bag of popcorn and three chocolate cupcakes were waiting. He turned towards me and Mrs. K and flashed us a tired yet very contented smile as he dug his hands in the very bag he’d been talking about all day.

I looked at his teacher and could barely get the words “thank you” out.



Teachers, are something special.

More specifically, Mrs. K is something special.

If you think about it, 25+ kids, multiply that by every single human emotion, and then multiply that to every second of the day, multiply that to the amount of sleep they got the night before, multiply that to the amount of spoonful’s of sugar in their cereal, multiply that to an ungodly amount of germs, multiply that to each speck of glitter stuck to all of the things, equals one heck of a challenge that teachers tackle every single day.

My hats off to you kindergarten teachers.

At the end of that year, we spoiled her with a gift card and something more personal…

This super easy and inexpensive DIY Toy Dinosaur Planter. (This is not a sponsored post. This is me being all F*ck Yes. I’m more awesome than Martha Stewart)

DIY Toy Dinosaur Planter

(I saw this on Pinterest last year and I cannot remember the exact site. I’m going with this one because I remember the dinosaur being pink or not).

This is seriously the easiest craft ever. If you’re going to let your munchkins help, you will need to do the bitch work…a.k.a cutting with sharp scissors…and the spray painting (however, that was awesome).

All you need:

  • hollow plastic dinosaurs that can be picked up at the dollar store
  • a good pair of scissors or a husband that can use a jigsaw cutter because…testosterone
  • any coloured spray paint  (we used Krylon paint for plastic)
  • cardboard box or newspapers to cover your work surface (I highly suggest doing this outside)
  •  a small plant (succulents work best)
  • potting dirt

To do:

1. Cut a hole using the scissors in the widest part of the dinosaur making it big enough to fit the plant.

2. Cover your work surface with cardboard or newspaper and spray paint the toy away. I applied a few coats since the dinosaurs had many nooks and crannies. If you’re going to do so, make sure that you allow enough time for coats to dry as the paint can get very tacky.

*Insert pictures that I didn't take of the previous steps* This is after the cutting and spray painting and after Chunky's FIRST break in two weeks. Yup...he also broke his arm
*Insert pictures that I didn’t take of the previous steps*
This is after the cutting and spray painting and after Chunky’s FIRST break in two weeks. Yup…he also broke his arm

4. Plant away (this is the fun part for the munchkins).

Sometimes I scare the shit out of myself and my creativity
Sometimes I scare the shit out of myself and my creativity

Yes it is very cliché to say “Thanks for helping me grow”, but if I think about it, in the two years that Mrs. K taught him, he has learned so much about life outside of the house of Chunky.

They may not hear it often enough, but thank them for all that they do. It takes a special person to be a kindergarten teacher and to guide these little minds.

Sweet lord send his teacher some booze
Sweet lord send his teacher some booze


This year we thankfully have no breaks and Chunky will be able to take part in the entire day’s celebration. Along with a gift card to the liquor store (because we are classy), we made her another fun homemade gift. I’ll save that one for another day.

Depending on how lazy I am.


Do you get your child’s teacher at the end of the year?

What do you get them?

If you are a teacher, what are some of the best gifts you have received?


  1. Those photos are incredible and so is the idea. And I remember this story about the injuries! I was so sad for you – this was when I first “met” you.
    In our preschool, we just all put money in a big envelope and one of the board members splits it up and buys gift cards to our town (can be used at most businesses) for the teachers.
    They seem to love it!

  2. Kim Kim

    Oh, your poor little guy!!! I’m so glad that he had one of those truly marvelous kindergarten teachers who made his day a tiny bit better.
    And, your craftiness is awesome – I see stuff on Pinterest and thick it’s cool but no way would I try it.

  3. I’m so sorry about Chunky’s leg and arm! Poor brave fella.
    And I love the dinosaur planters, especially because they’re in yellow. You’re just as awesome as Mrs K.

  4. My kids are such bums they didn’t get their teacher anything. But she would have liked a case of diet coke from each! I love the dinosaur idea for the girls to make my mom. She would go gaga.

  5. omg. you are so martha stewarting it up. let’s try to avoid the whole jail thing..k?
    this is a beautiful idea. i’ve been struggling with what to buy the teachers because i’m feeling cheap this year and there are 6 teachers between my two kids. thanks for the inspiration.
    I’m going to go buy dollar store pots and have my kids plant something (maybe mint…) for their teachers. Then I’m going to write ‘thanks for helping me grow’ on them. (the pots, not the kids).

  6. Kir Kir

    OH! Oh the tears you just brought on lady, with me giggling between the ones running down my cheeks.

    Kindergarten teachers rock..and that idea about the dinosaur , OMG, why doesn’t everyone do that with booze gift cards??? seriously. (that’s what we should get as “new mom” gifts too)

    I am so sorry about his leg and arm, but what a trooper. He must have an awesome mom, one just as F***ing Fabulous as Martha Stewart. 😉 xoxo

  7. That story gets me every time…
    So glad there were no breaks this year! I can’t wait until we have a bond like that with our daughters teacher

  8. Poor little Chunk. Also, that is a bad ass planter. I”m going to have to find something to make one for my office.

  9. Loving the dino planters. Can’t wait to see what you did this year.

    Ms. F. s getting a Chapters gift card and a bottle of wine. Plus an awesome homemade card from Boo.

    Happy summer!

  10. I’m not sure what I love more… Chunky’s facial expressions, you as Martha Stewart, the fact that you are gifting so meaningful/creative to your son’s teacher, the gift card to the liquor store (!!!), or the actual dinosaur planter itself.

    Everything about this post = awesome.

  11. Liv Liv

    That is awesome.

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