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Outside Of The Fence

Chunky Monkey: Mamma! I’ve got two nickels!

Me: Wow! That is ten cents!

Chunky Monkey: I have ten? But Momma, I only counted two nickels.

Me: Nickels are five cents a piece so two of them together makes ten cents.

Chunky Monkey lifts up his shirt and counts “1 and 2” …

…the two “nickels” on his chest.

Oh Chunky, despite failing anatomy, you have gained so much knowledge in just two years of kindergarten.



You learned that paint by numbers does not apply to Jesus’ beard because why can’t it be blue?

You learned that steam rolling kids on the reading carpet can spice up the monotony of a crappy story.

You learned that germs are bad and that you should immediately wash your hair in the bathroom sink after you touched a sick kid and then took your contaminated hands and touched your hair.

You learned how to put your feet up on the toilet seat when using the potty because you never know who might grab your legs from under the stall and pull you off.

fit a thon19.jpg


All jokes aside, you learned how to share, to forgive, to show compassion, that every friend can be different sizes, colours, and developmental levels but they “all have the same junk and that is cool”, that mistakes can happen, that you need to keep trying, to be confident in yourself, and that school isn’t scary after all.

And on June 10th, 2014 you read your first book all by yourself from cover to cover.

Your dad and I have watched you transition from an anxious four year old who had to be pushed or pulled into the school, to a confident five year old who walks in all by himself with a huge confident smile.

You conquered the JK/SK playpen boy child and when you return to school in September, you’re going to be outside of the fence.

Kindergarten owned


We are so proud of all of your accomplishments big and small.

You make us proud every day and we pray that you keep your nickels to yourself in grade one.

Love you always,

Momma and Daddy.

today is your day


Do you get overly emotional at the end of a school year?

Like how many boxes of tissues should I have on hand when I pick him up this afternoon?

Do you do anything special for your kids on the last day of school?

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