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Six Years Of “F”

On July 2nd, 2014, my kid spelled his first four letter “f” word.



Clearly, Shawn and I are doing something right.

Chunky, you are the “F” to our Family…

…the letter that made everything complete.


We forgive you for being a giant colicky asshole for 4 months. You were worth every sleepless night.
We forgive you for being a giant colicky asshole for 4 months. You were worth every sleepless night.

Happy 6th Birthday Chunky.

You’re pretty “_”-U-C-K-I-N-G awesome.


Love you to the moon and back.

Momma and Daddy

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  1. Perfect, just perfect, Love the guitar picture. Your son is a light, a big firework of a light.

    Leah is the “B” to our family “Burp”. She sings about it, often, loudly, in public. The speech therapist says “you’re welcome.” This mommy, who never did anything like that as a child, or now, laughs and laughs and laughs.


  2. I’d be really proud.
    There are “F” words I love – “fart” and “_uck”. And then there are words like “fat” that Scarlet is not allowed to say or think.
    Clearly I know what I’m doing.
    I can’t believe he’s six! He’s so handsome! Does he like younger, American women who laugh at fart jokes and watch Monty Python?
    If so, tell him to call Scarlet. When she’s at least 30.


  3. Can I just tell you that you are raising one amazing kid. He is not ordinary and that is so, so cool. :-)


  4. And his mom and dad have Freakin’ rocked raising an awesome young man! :) Love that guitar pic and hopefully he is channeling his inner Eddie Van Halen! Happy Birthday, Chunky!!! :)


  5. Jen Jen

    Chunky is such a cool kiddo. Happy birthday to him and happy birthing day to you. You and Shawn have a kick ass little guy.


  6. Happy Birthday, Chunky!!!
    And happy BIRTH-day to you, Mama Kim. xo


  7. Liv Liv

    My kids favorite word too. We even added it to our word wall. Sigh.

    Happy Birthday Chunky!


  8. LOL @ “collicky asshole.” :) Happiest of birthdays to your sweetest little Chunkster. XOXO


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