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Rain, Rain, Go Away | Netflix August Adventures #StreamTeam

Shawn and I could hear the rain pounding on the roof of the department store and rubber soled shoes squeaking down aisles. Puddles on the floors led to patrons soaked from head to toe and we were thankful that we had made it in before the storm had blown in. A woman standing in front of the dairy fridge was shaking and you could almost see the goose bumps on her arms. “It’s gross out there,” she said after she caught us looking.

Even though we were done shopping, we remained in the store trying to wait out the storm. It would be an hour later when we decided to just make a run for it. The sliding doors opened and we were met with at least a foot of water and heavy rains.

“I’ll drive the truck up,” Shawn sighed as he adjusted his flip flop for maximum grip.

We drove in silence taking in the mass destruction and watching the small coupe cars trying their damndest to push through the flooded streets. Sewers acted like geysers, spewing out filth from below.

“This is one hell of a summer,” I said.

It is a “hot-then-cold-then-mild-then-rainy-then sunny-then-hot-sunny-then-sunny-but-really-cold” kind of a summer. It is bizarre to say the least but despite that, we are having a good summer. We are making do.

In the aftermath of the storm, our yard was flooded and the parks were a hot mess of mud and someone’s missing socks. Chunky and I stayed in doors and well, sometimes being cooped up with a six year old can me a tad maddening. Since we had been in the final phases of moving our kitchen back upstairs, we had a lot of moving boxes stacked in random corners.

“Hey, want to build something?” I asked.

“Yeah!” Chunky gleamed.

And so we did:

August Netflix3


Getting outdoors isn’t always possible but there are so many things you can do with your kids, like building that *insert your imagination*. Some rainy days, we will have an afternoon movie date complete with popcorn and licorice that I had hidden…because selfish.

Netflix has added a host of new movies that will make you jealous that you’re not outside.

Movies such as:

August Netflix

The Adventures of Tintin
 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
 Tad: The Lost Explorer
 The Adventures of Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure
 National Treasure
 Labou and the Quest for the Lost Treasure

And for the little ones:

August Netflix2

Dora The Explorer

Wild Animal Baby Explorers

Tree Fu Tom

Rubbadubbers: Tubb’s Pirate Treasure

A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures

The Hive

You have to make the best of a “hot-then-cold-then-mild-then-rainy-then sunny-then-hot-sunny-then-sunny-but-really-cold” kind of summer because the big dreaded “w” word is going to come soon.



Disclosure:  I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and received a one-year subscription to Netflix and a Roku media streaming device in return for posting Netflix updates and reviews, however, all opinions are my own.



  1. Sounds like some wonderfully creative fun there, Kimberly! I was looking at all the dried mud that had flowed from the hills on the walking path this morning from a monsoon we had here. So, I feel ya! Btw….red or black? 🙂

  2. Wasn’t that flooding crazy? We came out unscathed, but much of our area did not. You should see the look on Deborahs’ face when you say Dora. It’s pretty funny watching her 8 year old cringe. She tries to rush Leah past those books and movies at the library or store.

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