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Rock The Halls In Style With Sears Canada, Plus $100 Gift Card

“Oh I can’t wear that Momma,” Chunky said as he wiped his wet nose on the bath towel that was wrapped around his 5 year old frame. I sighed loudly as I opened the bathroom door and waved him through, “Après vous.”

There used to be a time when I could pick out something for my son to wear and he’d wear it without question then he turned 4 and started to have an opinion.


I can’t deny his inner cool just so long as his “cool” is picked out before 8:20am.

This school year, I’m rolling with it. I’m going to let him take part in choosing his outfits this year at Sears. I remember my mom taking all five of us kids there before school had started. God bless her heart. I now know why she subjected herself to five bored kids with tempers and the mastered art of vicious arm pinches. Sears carried and still does carry a variety of top quality brands at reasonable prices – and carries all the styles your kids love!

She left with five happy faces.

sears rock the halls

This year, throughout the month of August, Sears Canada (The Kids Room) will be, and has been, helping families with school-aged children get ready for back-to-school so they can Rock the Halls!  Across Canada, Sears will be, and have been, surprising shoppers by providing their purchases to them for FREE. Check out their Surprise And Delight video below.

As well, Sears Canada will be rewarding their Facebook fans by surprising them throughout the month of August with opportunities to win a $100 Sears gift card.

Not only will Sears Canada Surprise And Delight consumers, Sears Canada and Converse will be providing the Boys and Girls Club across Canada (BGCC) with $10,000 worth of BTS Apparel.

Sears Canada have been a proud supporter for over 40 years of Boys and Girls Club across Canada (BGCC), Canada’s leading provider of quality after school programs that support the healthy physical, educational, social and mental development of Canadian children and youth. Sears shares Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada’s philosophy that providing all Canadian children and youth with access to opportunity is essential to helping them achieve their full potential and create a better future.

 There is nothing better than finding your style at reasonable prices and all the while helping the community and little minds grow.

So where will you be shopping for your children’s clothes this year?

Would you like to try Sears Canada with a $100 Sears Canada Gift Card?

I thought so.

Here are the rules:

Contest starts August 22, 2014 and ends on August 27, 2014.  You must be 18 years old and LIVE IN CANADA. You may enter to win across multiple blogs, but can only win on one. Expect to receive their prize 4-6 weeks after the contest closes.

Good luck!

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  1. Kim D Kim D

    The kid gets input but I get the right of final decision.

  2. angela m angela m

    I let my daughter choose most of the time

  3. Glogirl Glogirl

    I don’t have kids but as a child I would pick out my own clothes with some input from my mom.

  4. Amy Heffernan Amy Heffernan

    I do sometimes. He is only 5 and going to kindergarden this year so i let him choose some of his favorite character shirts. 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Florence C Florence C

    I take the grandchildren shopping to pick out their own clothes.

  6. Bailey Dexter Bailey Dexter

    We go shopping together for clothes and we both decide, it depends on the cost as well as the style!

  7. Amy C Amy C

    Yes and No, It depends, somethings I just don’t approve of the stuff they pick out.

  8. Brenda Penton Brenda Penton

    Yes, they pick out most of it

  9. Doris H Doris H

    Yes most of the time I do. It’s important to let kids make decisions…sometimes with guidance when it comes to matching the outfit 🙂

  10. Karla Sceviour Karla Sceviour

    yes my son is a teenager,,so he picks out mostly all his clothes

  11. Belinda McNabb Belinda McNabb

    Yes I let my son pick out his own clothing. As a teen he has become really picky

  12. Anne Taylor Anne Taylor

    I alway.s let my girls dress themselves

  13. Judy Cowan Judy Cowan

    I try but sometimes I have to say no or help.

  14. Jenny Jenny

    Yes i let them pick out their own clothes

  15. maria maria

    Yes! I would wish they would let me pick, but it’s a losing battle.

  16. Suzie M Suzie M

    we do it together

  17. Haylie Langwald Haylie Langwald

    They do within reason. No inappropriate clothing, etc.

  18. Dreena Dreena

    I mostly do it.

  19. Lesley D. Lesley D.

    They get some input, but mostly they get to choose between the pieces that I hold up, lol 🙂

  20. Laura Laura

    I give my daughter options from which to choose.

  21. Josh S Josh S

    I do, let them have fun. Unless it is something totally ridiculous

  22. BobbiJo PEntney BobbiJo PEntney

    To a degree, I give my daughter options.

  23. stacey dempsey stacey dempsey

    My kids are older now but when they were little I let them pick out clothes it they liked usually from 3 or 4 options I would give them. If it was their clothes at home as long as it was weather appropriate I let them choose whatever they liked

  24. Lori Bazan Lori Bazan

    I let my son pick out his own clothes, but help if he comes out a little mismatched!

  25. Heather Lynne Heather Lynne

    Yes and no.. depends on the day and what we’re doing.. if we’re hanging out at home they can wear whatever they want, if it’s a school day I need to approve what they’ve chosen 😉

  26. Heather Lynne Heather Lynne

    Yes, but with approval from me 😉 (unless we’re just hanging out at home)

  27. Carol M (Lushka S) Carol M (Lushka S)

    Yes, because they are older

  28. Courtney Courtney

    Yes, I let my son choose. He likes to look good, so he loves having some input

  29. Andrea B. Andrea B.

    My kids are 10 and 11 and yes, I let them pick out their own clothes.

  30. My boys are older.
    One dresses like a preppy & one dresses like a hip hop artist.
    I hate the hip hop artist look!
    How are you, Kimmy? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  31. Angie Angie

    Not to buy because they are too young yet, but my oldest often picks out what she wants to wear each day.

  32. ginette4 ginette4

    Yes I’ve learnt over the years that if they pick their clothes they will wear them without a fit

  33. cheryl cheryl

    I let him pick it out sometimes but hes not picky so usually he just wants me to pick

  34. I do most of the shopping end of season for the next year and I prefer to do it on my own. My boys are still young so I will do this as long as I can

  35. Jenness M Jenness M

    Yep as long as its not outrageously expensive.

  36. Tammy Dalley Tammy Dalley

    I let them pick their clothes quite often!

  37. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    we do 🙂

  38. Harvinderks Harvinderks

    I let my kids pick out their own clothes, because I’ve learned that they may or may not wear what I buy.

  39. What a great idea, Kim. Nice share. My kids are beyond this phase. They’re both going back to school but it’s university and I have no idea about their BTS clothes, LOL. If I asked them they would laugh in my face. Hope you’ve had a great summer. I’ve been out of the blog world for this month but will be back at my blog in September. Meanwhile, have some ice cream before summer’s over. 🙂

  40. Andrea Amy Andrea Amy

    Depends on the kid. I have 5 ranging from 4 all the way up to 20. But for the most part, I let them pick within reason. For instance, my 7 year old only wants to wear jeans and short sleeved tshirts, while my 6 year old prefers sweats and long sleeved tshirts.

  41. Eva Mitton-Urban Eva Mitton-Urban

    Honestly, last year I decided to cut the apron strings and let my 10 year old son Evan take the responsibility of *personal hygiene and attire*. Yikes, then I saw his ensemble blue pants/orange shirt and red sneakers. For awhile I assisted with the development *chuckle*. Returns to Grade 6 in Sept 2, should be interesting…the rope is unleashed.

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  42. Lisa Neutel Lisa Neutel

    I let my kids pick they’re clothes with guidance from myself

  43. Emily Emily

    My baby is a month old. It’s like dressing a doll! I will let her chose her own clothes when the time comes.

  44. I didn’t mean to enter the giveaway….just delete me if you can. I did want to comment though; my kids now pick out their own clothes, thank goodness, and pay for them, too! (They are 42, 43, and 44!)

  45. Lee-Ann Lee-Ann

    Always – even when she was little!

  46. Marie Constantineau Marie Constantineau


  47. Alison Wiberg Alison Wiberg

    No kids yet (on the way!), but when they hit a certain age, will definitely be letting them pick out their own clothes

  48. Ann W Ann W

    Most of the time, but on certain occasions I pick them out.

  49. Hes almost 4 and he likes to pick out character tees!

  50. Mariah Beasley Mariah Beasley

    I have to approve the clothes that they wear, but typically whatever they pick out is fine.

  51. Catharine Catharine

    A little guidance goes a long way.

  52. JaimeeM JaimeeM

    I give him options in what he can pick.

  53. michelle michelle

    My son is 7 – he picks out his own clothing at the stores and for school. I have told him as long as hes weather appropriate I’m good.

  54. Joelle Joelle

    yes or else they would not wear them.

  55. Yes, I think it’s very important for children to have their own sense of style and make some decisions for themselves

  56. Carolina Gonzalez Carolina Gonzalez

    yes!! 😀

  57. heidi c. heidi c.

    I usually do let my older girls pick out their own clothes, keeping in mind that their school has certain clothing restrictions that they have to adhere to.

  58. Michelle B Michelle B

    I usually let my kids pick out all their clothes.

  59. Kristine Ewald Kristine Ewald

    Yes I do 🙂

  60. nicolthepickle nicolthepickle

    I do sometimes, but I will make suggestions.

  61. Pam Pam

    Yes for the most part but I have the final say.

  62. Chris Stockford Chris Stockford

    NO dont let your child pick out their own clothes!

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