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Not Your Grandma’s Pillbox

I’ll curse the day when my doctor added that one extra pill — that one extra pill that would confuse me at morning, lunch and bedtime. I found myself at the end of the day scratching my head wondering, “Did I take it?” Unsure of myself, I would end up dumping the pills out onto the counter and counting each and every one them to see if I did.

Tired of my almost nightly routine, my husband finally put his foot down and said, “I think it’s time grandma.”

It’s time.

For the pillbox.

Oh I resisted that darn thing for such a long time and honestly the reason was stupid — yes I admit.

It was pride. 

I didn’t want to be a twenty something year old with a pillbox.

When I thought of pillboxes, I thought of the days of visiting my grandparents.

Every meal, the pillbox came out.

After tea, the pillbox came out.

Grandma dropped her purse the pillbox rattled like a maraca and she’d have to check to make sure the lids didn’t fly open.

Sunday evening they sat at the dinning room table and refilled it — they looked like cute wrinkly old drug lords.

See — all stupid reasons.

There’s nothing wrong with taking medications or vitamins.

It’s a part of life and it’s a part of my life.

I’m not ashamed of it.

So a pillbox it was.

The pillbox made life so much easier. I was able to take my medications wherever I needed to go and I was able to REMEMBER to take them and was able to take them on time.

That’s my trusty “double chamber” purple beast pill box. And that is my drug addicted dog. Funny story — he had surgery not too long ago and was on narcotics. When he finished his pills, he suddenly wanted mine. He sat “pretty” every time I pulled out my pills. I felt so bad for him.

It’s still ugly though.

Dawn, the fabulous amazing talent behind Inspired By Dawn, felt that the pillboxes lacked style. She used vitamins throughout her pregnancy and wanted something that was stylish and functional so she created The Style Rx Designer Pill Box Case.





The Style Rx is made with luxe cotton canvas exterior which is wipeable and wear-resistant. It is lightweight, yet durable and is built to withstand daily us in a purse, laptop sleeve or gym bag. With its discreet magnetic closure, it ensures that the Style Rx stays closed, keeping everything in its place.

It also has a surprising capacity for vitamins and supplements. Each compartment holds 6 fish oil capsules or 20 ibuprofen tablets per day. Additional 7 day pill inserts are fully interchangeable for additional capacity.

The Style Rx is discreet and attractive enough to leave on a desk at the office, or lunch with friends for a visual reminder, and small enough to toss in purse, gym bag or carry-on for secure on-the-go storage.

It keeps your medications and vitamins close at hand!

And in a very stylish way!

It’s definitely not your grandma’s pillbox and I am oh so thankful for that.

It’s pretty and it gives me privacy because people are nosy. I love that I can even fit my PRN’s in there too (the ones I take as needed). And did I mention it’s pretty?

I love the feature of the magnetic closure too. Big time! I get really paranoid with the plastic lids on the pillbox coming open and having my pills spill all over. It’s happened before in my purse.

Did I mention the box is really pretty and I love it?

You can learn more about the Style Rx and buy the Style Rx at Inspired By Dawn

You can also follow Inspired by Dawn on Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Pinterest.


style rx

Disclosure: I received a Style Rx in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.




  1. That is so cute! I hope she’s able to expand to AM/PM or morning/noon/bedtime styles as well.

  2. very pretty. Wish that was in the budget!!! But I have to buy all your books first.

  3. Jen Jen

    I just moved to the pillbox option. Mine is not as cute as yours.

  4. OMG, this is such a cute little pill box! And LOL @ cute little old druglords 🙂 Every night I go through the “did I just take my medicine? Yes. I think I did. No. Yes. Oh HELL!” Maybe I need one of these designer doohickeys in my life, too.


  5. lee lee

    check out MED-Q Pill box. We set it and its has three alarms. Great for our “73” year old Mom. She never forgets and lives by herself. It is agreat invention

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