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Joy In Moments

Exhaustion is when the remote is resting on the top of the dresser but you’re way over on the other side of the room.

Like you’re probably only two feet away.

And you’d rather endure watching the 1970’s game show marathon than lift your heavy sorry carcass off the bed.

I was over the holidays before they had even started. On a scale of one to ten my anxiety was a “Turn up Lady Gaga to drown out Christmas music”.

I was a “Stand in front of the crackers in the grocery store for 15 minutes because ‘which crackers go best with the dip I just made?'”

Do you know how many crackers they make? I’m going to ruin Christmas if I pick the wrong ones. I had sent a “S.O.S” picture of the many boxes of crackers to my husband who then asked me:

“Are you f**king high?” 

I destroyed the cookies. I made nipple cookies.

I’m not even lying. I missed the baking powder or soda or was it the butter?  I don’t know but they came out looking like diseased nipples.

They tasted just as good as they looked.

I was exhausted before the holidays had even started.

Then they actually happened.

Dysfunction happened.

Booze happened.

Too much food happened and the simple act of putting on pants became torture.

Exhausted is not even a big enough word to describe how tapped of energy my entire being feels.

And here we are, watching – no, staring at 1970 game shows.

The game show host asked the contestant about his life and the man said that he’s a happily married man with two kids. He said that his wife is “Charming.”

Shawn busted out laughing. “Charming? Who calls his wife charming?”

“Charming meaning she’s hit menopause and she’s growing a squirrelly beard. But she’s still nice though.”





We started laughing. He slid his hand under my shirt and pulled me in close, his stubble getting caught in my hair. It didn’t take him long to fall asleep there – our breaths in sync.

I wish I could drift away into dream with such ease, but like most nights, I stayed awake while my babes sleep.


2016 – Whether it impacted you directly or indirectly, this is the year no one is coming out unscathed.

I can’t flip on the T.V or the radio or open a newspaper or engage in a conversation without hearing something awful about this year.

I live in a world of worry every mother loving day but I tell myself that there is good in this world. I do trust in that because I try to be that good that the world needs.

And I know there’s more of me out there who tries.

I – we teach our son the same.

Respect, kindness, compassion for all regardless of what colour you are, what you look like, where on the planet you were born, what you believe in, who you love…

We are all trying to do the same things – live our best life.

And life can be hard. We all need each other and this year, more than ever.

We’ve had our share of funk in 2016 but there’s been so many things that have shone so brightly — when I look back, I don’t even want to see the funk anymore.

1.Hockey Life

It was his first year playing travel hockey (Select 7’s (2015/16) and as an AP for the AE team and started for the AA’s in August of this year). He tells me “Mom, I can’t believe this is my life. This is hockey life.”

I love watching his happy.

2. Our trip to Toronto

I LOVED this vacation. Like LOVED it. Didn’t love the bill but LOVED the people watching, the walking around getting lost in construction, the food, the Maple Leafs game. All of it.

3. Sometimes my Irish shows and I like to drinky drinky and meety meety new people

4. Chunky Monkey’s Last Day of School

This moment – destroying his agenda book.

He was bullied all year by his grade two teacher.

This. Is. Freedom. This. Is. Happy.

5. Mud Cousins

My brother, his fiance and my nephew came down to visit. Chunky Monkey and my nephew went out in the backyard…unattended. Couldn’t be mad. It was both hilarious and adorable.

6. Rib Fest

Hashtag: Killedit

7. Colour Run – Night

I am super good a fitness…fit – ness beer in my mouth.

I walked the colour run like a pro.

8. Buskers Volunteer

Now my Chunkster shocked the hell out of us when he volunteered out of the blue to take part in a Buskers act. He did so wonderful. The Busker actually PAID HIM!

9. Pride…

and Coach Dad in plaid.

Our final year with this league and Coach Dad Shawn and son went out with two silvers.

10. The Dryer

This is the beloved dryer that sits in our drive way. Chunky shoots pucks at it practically every single day. I actually love the sound. The dents in my garage and missing hunks in my siding makes me giggle.   Chunky Monkey was featured in Ontario Minor Hockey Association’s website newsletter for completing their 5000 puck challenge! He worked incredibly hard all summer!

11. Our Camping Trip

We went somewhere new. It was beautiful.

12. The Great Peony Massacre of 2016

Chunky thought my flowers were dying because they were drooping and touching the grass so he cut them…all of them. He was so proud of himself for helping. I couldn’t be mad.

I just put them all in the house in every container I had.

My house smelled like death to Shawn – he’s allergic.

I still crack up thinking of it.

13. Shared Birthdays

These kids were separated at birth – just by like twenty one years.

PS. I totally made that cake and cupcakes – I’m for hire.

14. When your wife is an introvert/husband dislikes your neighbor’s dog

You build half of a fence. I just about died when I heard a chainsaw one morning and saw my trees falling down. Shawn had enough. I laughed so hard. It has solved so many problems. I love my half fence.

15. Renaissance Festival

It was hot as balls but it was so much fun…and weirdness. It was my kind of adventure.

16. Christmas Miracles

He’s 12 going on puppy thanks to a toy from Santa. He takes it everywhere!

He also pooped in our house on Boxing Day.


Going through my photos, I have so many more to share. It fills my heart.

Those are the things I want to remember of 2016.

I hope that 2017 brings you joy.

Find what makes YOU happy and do it for all the days.

And surround yourself with people who love you –

Who truly love your weird.

Those are the people who will stick by you through years like 2016. They won’t question you on things like why you are the way you are but will ask important things like:

“How did we ever make it out alive with any eyebrows?”

To you, my awesome readers – friends- as always, thank you for joining me on this wild ride. You’re the best.

I look forward to 2017 – flipping that calendar with flare and awkwardly oversharing my moments with you.

Writing makes me happy so thank you for all your support.


ps. Party safe

Mama’s Losin’ It
Prompt: List the top 7 things that bring you joy. – Went for 16 because 2016 OOPS


  1. Great reflection post. Happy new year.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Thank you Traci. I hope that you have a wonderful New Year!

  2. I love the pictures and greatest as you reflect upon your year! I can’t wait for 2017 either. So many great things to come!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Thank you so much Morgan. I hope that you have a wonderful 2017. I know a lot of people are looking forward to this year more than ever! xo

  3. I would say by anyone’s measure that was a hell of a good year. Have another one starting Sunday!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      You know it! I will try my darndest – overlooking the hangover of course.
      Wishing you all the best John in 2017!

  4. I like that – looking for joy in the moments. So much beauty shines through. 2016 was rough for me, for sure, but I love that idea that everyone is trying to live their own best life. And that doesn’t always align together. Like politics.
    We mustn’t speak of them, though.
    I love the half fence!
    I love all the photos, actually, but the camping one took my breath away and the mud one made me giggle.
    Right now it’s snowing SO HARD and you know I wish it could be summer year round.
    Deep breaths into 2017.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      The politics were heavy this year. Oh. My.
      The half fence was the best thing ever. I never laughed so hard in my life when he was putting it up. Champ doesn’t bark any more. Our neighbour doesn’t complain about death and dying to us in Italian and how he hates the neighbour across the street and i don’t see his chest hair in the summer blowing in the wind. It’s such a beautiful thing.
      Camping was peaceful minus the bugs. They were strong there. But the beach was absolutely gorgeous. No one wanted to sit with me out there while I baby sat the boys and that was ok. I liked the quiet…well and their yelling.
      We have NO SNOW! It’s green out. In Canada!
      Love you friend. And yes, big deep breaths in 2017. We have this! xxoox

  5. Great pics and great moments of joy. Some days it seems so hard to remember but on those days it’s more important than ever… 2016 can go bye-bye and I hope with all my heart that 2017 will be better but it’s a big world we live in and things will continue to happen… so holding on to our joy and happy will always be important! xoxo
    Wishing you and yours all the best for 2017!!!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      You’re so right Susi. Really, it’s just a flip of a calendar – another day. And bad things are still going to occur in 2017 but there’s that hope – it feels different this time for me anyways. I don’t know if it’s because everyone else (well majority of people) has had/shares the same perspective of 2016. Either way, hope is good and being able to see joy even when things aren’t going good is a wonderful thing.
      I wish you and your gorgeous family a wonderful 2017 – you should really check out #eyecandyphoto challenge on instagram! Do it! The one i linked on your FB page. It’s once a week. you take such lovely photos on instagram and I think you’d be wonderful for it!xoxo

  6. You had a great year, thanks for the recap! Love all the pics, but my fave might just be your kid ripping up his agenda book. I hope this year’s going better for him.
    Happy New Year!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      His teacher this year is such a sweet heart. She is very compassionate and has a heart of gold. We are very fortunate that he has her. She is working with him and we are now seeing little glints of trust again. We still struggle with getting him to go to school – that teacher literally broke him – but he’s coming home with positive stories and that’s what we want this year. We will get there. He is working so hard.
      Happy New Year Abby xo

  7. I put up the new calendar today. It’s pretty and I am done with this year. I am done with health concerns (that thankfully turned out to be nothing), I am done with trying to make the holidays great, I am tired of 10-year-old moodiness. I am on to getting my exercise and food groove back. I am on to running a half-marathon in September 2017…after I find out what that stench is in the pantry.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      HAAHHAH! There is always a stench in the pantry and you never find out what it is. But now you have a dog so – you have a mini stink detective in the house. It’s a win win.

  8. Kimberly,
    your joy in moments gave me joy. Thank you!
    Fabulous shots.
    Gosh, you’re young. Damn. And pretty. Damn.
    Love the kid, the old dog, the hockey, the adventures.
    –your son was bullied? I need to hear more…

    xxxx from Duluth.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Calling me young is the cherry on the top of my year Kim. Swoon.
      Yes, he was bullied by a monster of a teacher who picked on his weaknesses. That man doesn’t deserve my breathe anymore. He has a wonderful teacher now. She’s very caring and we are thankful that they were paired together.
      I hope that you have a wonderful 2017 Kim. Love you xoxo

  9. Kat Kat

    I love your ability to acknowledge the beautiful moments amidst a crappy year and after a draining holiday season. You area amazing.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Thank you Kat. It was hella draining but 2016 wasn’t dragging me down – nope. If Betty White could survive it, so can I!

  10. Awww, these pics are so full of happy, Kim! You all made it through with eyebrows?—LOL. Love the hockey pics of Chunky and the mud?!! <3 You guys have had an amazing year. You are a compassionate voice this world needs so badly. Thanks for being that, Kim. I always love your heartfelt posts. They're both funny and touching and show what a survivor you are. As for the crackers, I totally get that. They overwhelm me too.

    Here's to a wonderful 2017. Let the 2016 shit go… 🙂

    • Oh, I meant to say—I’m so glad your Irish shows. I love that!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      See I’m not the only one who thinks that the crackers are overwhelming *looks at Shawn* and he even said that my one cracker choice was a bad one – jerk.
      You’re the best Lisa. I’m so glad to let 2016 go. Went head on into 2017 with a head cold but I’m going to overlook it. Yup. Not even caring because Betty White made it. xoxox

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