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Solar Lights

My mom bought me this adorable twisty-limbed angel solar light for the only remaining patch of my garden in my yard. “Well if Shawn’s gonna pave over that part too, you can just stab it into a pot,” she said while making at least five shockingly aggressive stabbing motions at the air.

Of course I needed clearer directions, “How do I put it in the pot?”

“Like this,” and then she stabbed at the air like you would if you were about to harpoon a large fish in the water or if you were simply just a harpoon murderer. She got into it which was really disturbing but stopped after she realized we were laughing.

“Oh you smart ass!”

My garden this year is very small and it makes me kind of miserable. It lines only one side of the garage and it holds only my most cherished flowers in my yard. We are in desperate need of a new driveway because it’s cracking and leaning into the foundation so we are tearing it all up. With that, comes a new patio that runs right over my garden. Last fall, I gave away bulbs and uprooted plants that I’ve watered since I’ve lived here.

Sitting here on this side of the garage and looking at the one piece of land I have left. I used to have such a gorgeous garden. I really did. Even when my child learned how to walk and discovered just how magnificent it felt to have dirt between his fingers and to fling it in the hair. In between my daisies and black eyed susans there were battlegrounds for G.I Joes, Legos, and it was the best spot for dinky car off roading. What could I do? His happiness to me in those moments meant more than those flowers – half of them I couldn’t even name. I can always replant them, I told myself.

He always used to take fistfuls of my dirt – he’s my spirit animal. Garden dirt is theraputic. (Little hands circa 2011)

I can still replant a garden. I know.

What I don’t know is when this driveway is coming. Our basement started to leak and I tracked mold up to our bedroom. Then my husband ended up ripping out an entire wall and now we are looking at ripping out our bedroom wall…OH. MY. MONEY.

Perhaps I could have kept my garden one more year longer.


But at least I have this angel to stab into my garden.

I can angry stab it here and angry stab it there and angry stab it anywhere. *Motions like my mom did*

I do like it. It’s bright and lasts till morning. Shawn says, “Great, now Vicki (our neighbour) is going to have to one up you. She will have to buy an army of these and throw them in random places in the yard. I’ll have to sleep with sunglasses on.”

The funny thing is, Vicki will.

Vicki will.

This woman has so many solar lights that I’m afraid that one night a plane will accidentally mistaken it for a runway and land in her backyard.

When I win the lottery, I’ll challenge Vicki to a solar light off – see who can deck the yard with the most lights.

But first, I’d buy a new basement wall and driveway and garden.

While this patch of garden will take a little while to bloom, my grass is kicking out great hits like these:

And these pesky purple petaled things:

All collected with love from the little monster who did this, along with my tiny nephew, to my garden last year (mind you, all plants were removed from this area already):

Mama’s Losin’ It
Prompt: April showers brought May flowers. Show us your May flowers.


  1. This was a sweet post and your solar light is beautiful! You inspire me to get out in my own garden and get to work!

  2. Please come and help me plant a garden. I have almost an acre of land and I don’t know where to start. Seriously… I have a few solar lights and I love them and I have those neighbors too that overdue it. Enjoy your angel… xoxo

  3. I like your little solar light – I think a couple of solar lights would be lovely. But I don’t know I’d want as many as your neighbor! I can only imagine how bright that must be. And brave woman letting the kiddos play in the mud like that. I might have been rocking in the corner if that was my son! I am not a good boy mom sometimes, lol.

  4. Love your solar light! She reminds me of my angels I have placed around my yard. I especially love the photo of your son and nephew in the mud. Even though we love gardens, this priceless picture will be the PRIZED possession of memories that will last a life time. And just think… once you get your new driveway and patio in place, you can plan new and creative ways to enjoy another beautiful garden!

  5. That last photo! LOL

    I’m sorry you are losing most of your garden. I love that solar light though. I’ve never seen one like that. My mom has two that look like flowers and the light changes colors. It’s great.

  6. I guess when you don’t have flowers, you get to make a mess in the mud. . . and it looked like a blast!!! The stabbing angel is cute and you can replant flowers, but it sounds like you’re a lot like me — I hate being in limbo!! If I’m going to do it, I want it done and obstacles that slow me down just make me angry. GRRR

  7. Aww, to bad home improvement took so much away. I love the angel though. Have you considered container gardening for your new patio? Easier to water and dead-head flowers. I grow herbs & flowers in mine, some are bulbs like Iris & Amaryllis. I’ve grown things like bell peppers in them, too. I featured a couple of my container gardens in my Mama Kat this time. You might stop by!

  8. Kim Kim

    OMG…they were so cute playing in the mud…oh sweet childhood:)

  9. They look like they’re having such fun in the last picture…

  10. It’s been a rough week (it included a call to pest control…) so I’m thinking stabbing a solar light angel into the ground could be some great stress relief 🙂

  11. Kat Kat

    Awww I want a stabby garden angel and I want one now!!!

  12. Love that Angel solar light! Even more, I love that your mom stabs with passion 🙂 I think we grow attached to our plants. So, I can understand your missing what was there. However it will be beautiful when in bloom and when the driveway is done. Great post for the prompt, Kim!

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