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Just Sing

It was one of those mornings where the air barely clung to what was left of the spring chill and when you looked up at the sky, it was almost too surreal. It was as if someone had rolled the sun into a perfectly bright orange globe and plunked it right in the middle of miles upon miles of blue.

“These are the days we’ve been waiting all winter for!” I shouted over the music and the wind whirling in through windows of my dirty SUV.  I took the long way round to his doctors – all the back roads where you get stuck behind tractors, school buses, or old people. My son and I are more alike than not. We need the open road sometimes to collect thoughts, to catch air, to talk, but mostly, to belt out songs as loud as we want.

Music makes us happy.

Adele sang and we did our best to keep up with her arsenal of vocal instruments as I made the winding turns through what will soon become the “stinky cabbage patches”. My son said, “Mama, you sing so pretty.” I literally laughed out loud. He dramatically folded his arms over his chest, taking my rejection to his compliment to heart.

“Oh honey, I’m sorry. Thank you.”

“You do sing nice.”

“You know, one time when I was a teenager, I sang on a bus. I’ll tell you about it later though.”

“Tell me now!”

“No. I’ll tell you later.”

It was true.

When I turned 18 years old all of my friends were handing in their OAC applications (Grade 13 in Ontario) while I was handing in my application to college.

My parents thought I was nuts.

“You’re wasting your mind and talent on college.”

Screw them all, I thought.

I knew what I wanted since I was a kid.

It was right in front of my face and I was never more sure of anything in all of my eighteen years of my life.

I  was done following rules.

I was going to do what I wanted.

So, I applied for nursing.

When I got that acceptance letter in the mail, something happened – an inner shift, a rebellion of sorts.

I got a tattoo.

And then I booked a trip to Vancouver.

I went with a couple of friends and we had met another who was already staying there to pursue a career in acting.

When we got there, we had no agendas. We were just a bunch of foolish teens roaming the city streets with a few bucks in a our back pockets at a given time. We visited the fanciest stores wearing shorts and flip flops, bought flamboyant hair dye, false eyelashes, and body glitter. We roller bladed everywhere because it was cheaper than cabs and at dinner time, we ate Zoodles from a can or Mac N Cheese because we wanted to save up for things like white water rafting or most likely, booze.

Then one night I wore a curve hugging dress that my friends made me buy. My gay friend slathered my shoulders with glitter while I drank whatever booze we had left and we made our way downtown on a city bus. I remember it being so painfully quiet on that bus.

For some reason, I just started to sing songs from “The Little Mermaid”.

OK I was drunk.

My friends looked not in horror but in awe. “Kim, you can sing? Like you can sing.”

See Also: They were drunk

None of the bus patrons seemed to mind and some of them even clapped.

See Also: They could have been drunk too

So I just kept singing and I felt so good.

Also: I was drunk remember – but I truly did feel happy and free.

I never sung for my friends after that night even when they asked. Unless we were all singing together.

I only ever sing at home – in the shower, in the kitchen, in my backyard when I’m gardening, when my son had colic, when I’m driving…

It makes me happy.

Now my son does it too.

I love hearing him in the shower or when he’s tinkering with his Legos or shooting pucks. He’s even writing his own song lyrics in his journal.

I truly believe that you don’t have to be an Adele to sing out loud –

If you feel it…

If it makes you happy…

Just Sing

In case you didn’t know…I am the one that’s so pale that she’s practically transparent. Also, wearing “the dress”.





    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Oh! You know…I never even realized that people from America and dare I say it…from the younger generations may not know what this is. OAC in Canada was our grade 13. It was basically an extra year to prepare us for post secondary education – bump up grades, take pre-requisite courses (so for that purpose it was mostly geared for students who were headed towards the University route). For whatever reason, they phased it out. I think it was a great asset. A lot of my friends had no idea what they wanted to do and grade 13 – OAC, allowed them to think through. Thanks for drawing this to my attention. I’m going to link this to a definition of what OAC is!

  1. Funny. I seriously was like, wth is OAC?! 13 years?! Probably a good idea.

  2. Heck, over here some schools are adding that sort of thing. I just heard about it last week at church. It’s a mix between dual enrollment and an extension of high school.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      I think it’s a good asset! Some kids are confused as to what they want to do and it gives them that extra bit to think – or it give them that extra year to get their marks up etc.

  3. Love this post!! I have a similar post on my site called Just Keep Singing, about my daughter who just started singing one day in gym class. Perfect advice for today and always 🙂

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      OH that is so sweet! I love kids and how they just do what their hearts want them to do.

  4. Mia Mia

    I love this! I was cracking up at the drunk comments. I sing a lot when I’m alone, but I don’t like for other people to hear me. It’s for their protection, really. 😉

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      HAHAH! That is awesome Mia! I honestly think that I’m probably not that great. I sing anyways!

  5. I like to sing along to my favorite music. In the shower and in the car when I’m by myself… It’s just fun! 🙂
    There were some schools in a Germany that had a 13th year but as far as I know it’s been phased out as well.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      You are my people Susi!
      The 13th year was a great asset for a lot of students who didn’t know what they were going to take or who needed to take pre-courses etc. It’s sad that they got rid of it.

  6. I love the story of your Vancouver adventure! I went there two years ago and can see how the place could inspire youngsters to go wild. I love Stanley Park.

    Also, music! One of life’s joys. Right now I’m listening to Art Tatum, the best piano-player of all time. Music connects us to the beauty of nature.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      OH Stanley PArk is where we roller bladed up and down – people watched. It’s fabulous!
      And I agree with you 100% about music. I need it in my life. Do you have Spotify? I just have the free version so I have to sit through random ads but you can listen to tons of music. I will have to look up Art Tatum. I listen to all sorts of music.

  7. I love that your son sings too! I sing as well… I just don’t do it very well! LOL!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      I love listening to him sing in the shower. He makes his own songs!

  8. Love this! First off, you and your son are adorable! 2nd, I love the funny trip down memory lane. I can relate well to the transparent girl in the bottom photo!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Thank you so much Jessica! And yes, I was like so white. My one friend was naturally dark but she also went tanning on top of that. So I could not even compare to them. HA!

  9. Soooo cute! Oh, that is an incredible talent, Kim. I’d love to hear you sing the Little Mermaid song! Did you love our fair city? I call Vancouver my home, well just south of the city. Please come back and I’ll go with you on the bus and you can sing again!!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Wait…you live in Vancouver? SHUT. UP. Why did I not know this?
      We have been itching to go there for years. YEARS. We have friends that live in Seattle and we want to stop there and then scoot back over to Vancouver. I LOVED Vancouver. Just walking and people watching. We rollerbladded EVERYWHERE. I even did the whitewater rafting thing. Got pooped on by a bird when we rented a boat – we did lots of random things!

  10. **It was as if someone had rolled the sun into a perfectly bright orange globe and plunked it right in the middle of miles upon miles of blue**

    I love!

    PS. audio of you singing, please! xxx

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      I will need at least one bottle of wine for that *smooches* xoxoxo

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