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No Patio, No Problem

When I find ourselves devilishly stealing uninterrupted batches of time away together, I want to sink every ounce of my presence in it. He could be talking about baseball or taxes or the hockey parenting life dribble that I hate with a passion, I don’t really care. We rarely get moments together – just him and I.

We were in our backyard sitting on the steps just outside of the patio door. There were thick rain clouds looming which sent Chunky Monkey running for safety in the house but we stayed out swapping stories of anything and nothing.

“The neighbour’s must cringe when they see us sitting outside,” I said.

Shawn furrowed his brow.

“Our garage door has holes in it, black circular marks, one light is cracked, and is missing siding, from Chunky shooting all the hockey pucks,” I said as I gestured to the door, “And we don’t have any patio furniture.”


Shawn started to laugh. He got rid of our patio furniture 2 years ago because it was “starting to rust” and we had planned on tearing out our entire driveway and patio and getting a new one.

Keyword: Planned.

But life happened and our driveway was put on hold.

So we were left without any patio furniture other than the cheap lawn chairs that make your ass and thighs look like waffles if you sit on them for too long.

In the grand scheme of things though, not having patio furniture isn’t a big deal.  It really isn’t. We’ve made do with sitting out on the driveway, the grass,  the porch, the stairs, or on the back of my husband’s truck bed like a bunch of hillbilly red necks. I can only imagine what the neighbour’s think and quite honestly, I don’t care.

I really, truly, honestly don’t.

Which is why this neighbourhood is built for us.

We feel comfortable here.

On one particular morning the sun was perfectly hung, like just before the tips of the trees reached the clouds and there was this occasional gentle breeze that tickled the hairs on the tops of our heads that went a hundred and one different ways. We were in our PJ’s still and we were camped on the pavement.

“The backyard neighbour’s can see us!” my son said, “They probably laugh because we don’t have a table like they do.”

And I said, “Or maybe they’re sad because they aren’t having fun like we are.”

My son smiled and nodded his head in agreement. He leaned back with his book and stuffed animal and went back to his reading. I went back to enjoying the breeze and peace and what was left of the June morning.


My running thought in June was for us to just make it to the end of the month and here we are: July.

Now all I keep thinking of is that we need to do more of what makes us happy as a family.

And care a whole lot less about what others think.

So bug off Vicki and your perfectly manicured lawn and your fancy solar lights that could attract a plane in your backyard. 


  1. Yes, bug off, Vicki. Haha. Love this post and such a good reminder about now. Summer is awfully short. Enjoy every moment!

  2. I’ve told you before I really wish you were my neighbor because you are my kind of people! I know that our neighbor across the street judges us because our lawn is not perfect and neither is our house – but like you I want to focus more on the happy and the good moments and less of what other people think. So to your Vicki and to my Vic (no clue his name, just that he’s a dude) screw off, we’re living life over here!

  3. I always joke that my family is the hillbillies in the neighborhood, but so what? You can’t compare your life – or your patio furniture or lack thereof – with anyone else!

  4. Dang, I love this post! Like, SO much. It’s not about what you have, it’s who you’re with. And you’ve got the best people ever.

  5. This is great! I love it. I think sitting on the grass or on the steps are more comfy and personal anyway! 😀

  6. Kim Kim

    This is perfect! Take that Vicki! I have to admit though while my back patio is my oasis, youd never know by my craptastic front yard. For the life of me, I cant get the grass to grow but the weeds never stop. Its plain and boring. Meanwhile the neighbir is edging with scissors to perfection. Oh well. The back is my little secret lol. When we are out front we sit in the curb when the kids play in the street 🙂

  7. I completely agree! Just got to do more of what makes you happy and not worry about what everyone else thinks! I feel your pain on home projects though. We started renovating our bathroom about 3 years ago when we first moved into our house… it’s still not finished. Urgh! But, can’t complain that we’re always out and about enjoying ourselves!

  8. I’d bet you dollars for donuts this woman has a crappy life beyond the surface as she’s got nothing better to do than be mosey about you two.
    Rock on sister!

    What I love about you and what you teach your son: walk to the beat of your own drum and smile. 🙂


  9. Our neighbors stare at us. We had to plant scrubs because were sick of it! We have 10 unfinished projects and sometimes don’t mow as fast as we should and I don’t care!!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Now, our front yard neighbours stare at us big.time! My son calls them “nosy neighbours”. They will literally stop what they’re doing and just stare. They won’t even hide the fact that they’re doing it. They’ll just flat out stare. It’s creepy. I don’t blame you for planting shrubs!

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