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I’m Not Meant For Everyone

Someone once told me that I’d gain more followers if my blog had followed a single niche and I laughed.

My thoughts and words aren’t meant for a pretty little polished box.

They are as wild as the tight rope I walk every day. They need a place to jump into, weave into, bleed into, and then finally anchor there for good.

It’s messy and beautiful and chaotic here.

This space is my brain cracked wide open – the threads of my memories strummed like a musical instrument onstage

It’s the aching in my heart and the empty in my soul that constructs stories out of the broken past and present

It’s the clawing, the crawling, the kneeling, the survival of the human spirit gone to hell and back and hell and back baby

Then painting this white void with strings of words that makes you read in vibrant colour.

Adventure big and small and finding peace in little things like the way his eye lash curls over the chub of his cheek when he sleeps.

I am honest and brutal and fragile and funny.

It reflects the realness of me at any given time.

I am always afraid.

Afraid of spiders, dentists, funeral homes, not being a good enough mom, wife, friend, and writer.

I’m always afraid to hit publish.

But I do it anyways.

I don’t always fit in with the crowd.

But I secretly want to.

But mostly…


I just want to write.



Write what makes YOU happy.



  1. So much love for this post. Truthfully I sometimes wish I could write with as much honesty and truth and beauty that you do. You are real and raw and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I look forward to the words you share! The title of the post reminds me of a quote I like “you will be too much for some people. Those people aren’t your people.” I still haven’t learned to accept this truth, but I’m getting better about it. You’re not too much for me. <3

  2. You inspire me everyday! I admire your bravery and honesty. Glad to be a follower and fellow blogger.

  3. I love this so very much. I’ll never fit in either in most groups and I’ll never gain a million followers with the stuff I publish either but we write what we know and sometimes that’s all we can do.

    I’d rather find my tribe because of my writing, not in spite of it, and clearly that’s what you do with your raw authenticity. Please don’t ever change a thing, momma. You are perfect just the way you are 🙂

  4. Mia Mia

    I love this post so freakin’ much. I absolutely agree – you can’t put writing, REAL writing into a neat little box. It would judo chop its way out of there. And then curse you out. Hehe. I love everything you write, so I’m all in on the kool-aid train. 😉 Keep doing what you’re doing. The people who get it, and get you, will be there to cheer you on always.

  5. I absolutely love this! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  6. Yes! I’m so tired of blogging advice saying you have to have a niche. Variety is the spice of life 🙂

  7. LOVE this. It’s so so true. I’ve been blogging for so long, but I’ve always mixed “niches” and kind of done my own thing. You have to write what you love.

  8. Our blogs are not commercial ventures, they’re reflections of our personality. The closer they are to that, the more satisfying they feel. When we pander to perceived perceptions of an audience, we lose our selves.

  9. Liv Liv

    Gawd. Can you imagine how boring it would be to write about the same thing all the time? It would be even more boring to read it. 🙂 Keep going sister!

  10. Love this and your writing. Why can’t people just take things as they are? If you cared about followers and all that your blog would probably look a lot different and be less personal and inviting. xoxo

  11. I’ll see you on this here, Al Gore’s internet, before the weekend is out. I’ve got to get back to writing for me. I’m glad you do.

  12. Ah, YES. And you are an amazing writer, Kim. Keep on writin’ from your heart, writing that tightrope. Writing also opens my heart. Thanks for being you.

  13. I’m not meant for everyone, either, and that’s okay, I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I am me and if you don’t like it, there’s the door or simply don’t read it. It’s that simple.

    You are amazingly raw and REAL and relatable, Kim. Not everything in this world is rainbows and unicorns, so why pretend to be?! Love you xo.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Unicorns are totally overrated 🙂

  14. San San

    Amen to this. You do you!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Thank you!

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