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(Extra)Ordinary: (More) Inspirational Stories Of Everyday People | Review

Instead of attending late night hockey practices with my family, I choose to stay home and have a little “mom-me” time.

Because I don’t know about you but, fall is a hectic time for us. We seem to constantly running from school to home to scarf down a meal to hockey to home to rush to shower to bed. It’s absolutely bananas sprinkled with pumpkin spice because pumpkin flavoured everything is all the rage now. I am getting drained. What’s worse is that fall isn’t a good time for me. Now I don’t have any any evidence to back this statement up but I would say that the majority of people love autumn. For me however, fall is a time when my insides start to wind up tighter than a rubber ball. It’s the lack of sun, the dreary rain, the new school and hockey schedules, the Canadian Thanksgiving, Halloween, and then rapid firing of holidays coming, but mostly it’s having bipolar disorder and my doctor saying that it follows a circadian rhythm or something super sciencey like that.

Basically, I need to slow down.

So I opted to skip hockey practice.

Self care is such an important part of my mental health.

Now what does that look like?

That means nights of hot herbal tea, a snoring dog balled up perfectly behind my bent knees, toes tucked under blankets, cool passing breezes rattling the blinds, it’s journaling, and it’s a crisp new book.

It’s an introvert’s dream.

And these fall nights have been very relaxing for me before my sweaty hockey kid comes barreling through the door.

So what am I reading?

I am loving autobiographies, personal essays, books that capture the true heart of the human spirit – kindness, compassion, that fire to overcome the odds.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce to you the second book by Keith Maginn, (Extra)Ordinary: More Inspirational Stories of Everyday People


I found so much goodness in between the lines of Keith’s follow up book to (Extra)Ordinary: Inspirational Stories Of Everyday People.

His book is a collection of ten stories of ten individuals. These individuals are people you and I may have rubbed arms with in an elevator or bumped into at a grocery store or sat next to at a doctor’s office. However, if you had the chance to talk to them, you’d come to discover that these seemingly random everyday people that you would normally pass by, have quite the jaw dropping  stories of heroism and resilience.

Keith did an amazing job at collecting this group of wonderful people who were in seemingly hopeless situations –  a man who was burned on 100 percent of his body as young boy and was only given a 1 percent chance of survival, a man controlled by drug addiction, a boy born with no arms and no legs, a woman battled cancer eight times, etc… – and then these people pulled, pushed, and punched through these life challenges to overcome.

They are all incredibly inspiring individuals.

This book serves as a reminder that we are all going through something – be kind, compassionate.

It also serves as a reminder that we too have the drive within us to fight through our challenges. We are a lot stronger than we think we are.

This world needs books like these right now – the inspirational people within these pages.


If you’re looking to purchase (Extra)Ordinary: More Inspirational Stories of Everyday People  it goes on sale on October 10, 2017 at:



*Disclaimer: I was given a copy of (Extra)Ordinary: (More) Inspirational Stories Of Everyday People for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Fall is kind of a busy season for us too. I agree…self care is incredibly important. This book sounds interesting and I will have to add to my to read list. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  2. We all need and deserve quiet time to re-charge our batteries. I also find inspirational tales about other people to be fascinating.

  3. I want your introvert time! I have been so spent by the time I go to bed this week. I would kill for a quiet evening on the couch with a good book. I’m glad you’re getting that self care time though for real. And this book sounds amazing. I will add to my list.

  4. I have spent the last 2 weeks taking quiet time and reading books. It was a wonderful feeling! I do need to read some more inspirational tales though. They are so good for the soul!

  5. Thank you so much for reading my books and for the wonderful review on your blog. I really appreciate you! (Side note, this is my 4th book.) Thanks again and all the best!

  6. I’m so glad you allowed yourself to have much needed me time. This is an incredibly hectic time of year but I imagine that with a kid and a crazy schedule and practices and bipolar disorder and the onslaught of holidays around the corner—your body needs you to slow down, your brain craves a night, stimulation free. You deserve that.

    This book sounds amazing. Adding to my list. I keep thinking about how broken the world is and I love to hear stories about the heroes among us who are just like us. Xoxo thank you for sharing!!

  7. Oh wow, this book sounds amazing. I love hearing “regular” people’s stories. You never know what someone is or has gone through.

    Good for you for having some alone time at night and practicing self-care. I love the fall but certain holidays bring out my depression like Thanksgiving and Christmas so it gets a bit dicey as time goes on. I DO think a lot of people love this time of the year, but there are also many suffering from seasonal depression.

  8. That sounds like an awesome book! A crisp new book does wonders for my mood 🙂

  9. This book sounds amazing and full of inspiration. Thank you for sharing.
    Sorry fall isn’t your favourite time of the year – self-care is essential at a time like this and I’m glad you scheduled some me-time. It is SO important.

    Is it me or do we crave more quiet time as we get older? I never thought of myself as introverted but have arrived here with incredible speed recently. Just give me a peaceful night in and I’m as happy as a clam.

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