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It’s October And Strange Things Are Coming | #StreamTeam

It was sometime in the middle of September 2016. I was banging on the door of my sister’s house and there was no answer. We were meeting for some coffee and to pick up a few odds and ends things. Mostly, though, to run amok like two giddy big kids hopped up on caffeine in the mall. It’s our favourite sport.

I waited a minute longer before I sent a text and then jiggled the doorknob which was unlocked. I let myself in.


Her two beastly dogs immediately ran from around the corner with their tongues out, ready to lick the sides of my pant leg and my arms. They were so excited that their entire bodies wagged. I laughed as they “politely” tried to control their ginormous frames from slamming into my mom’s knick knacks on the coffee table.

Dexter: Welcome to home! OMG I’m sorry table.

Jax: Dis is our place! Have seat! OMG I sorry fairy ting I just smashed-ed!

I thought that the ruckus from the boys would have stirred my sister but not a peep.

“Hello? Nick?”

I went to the kitchen first.

Ate some snacks because mom always has the best junk there.

With a handful of gummy bears, I made my way to the dining room. I made a dead halt right in the door frame. What I saw on the dining room table was what nightmares were made of. Strands of Christmas lights, there was slime or plaster all caked on cardboard and on the sides of —, and there was green and red and blood? Was that blood? and teeth things? What is this? What’s happening?



“HA! Like my Demogorgon? It’s for my 31 Days of Masks this year,” my sister said so cooly.

“What is wrong with you?”

“It’s a Demogorgon. From Stranger Things. Oh please tell me you’re watching it?”

“I don’t know what that is.”

“You’re not watching the show? You’re lame. So lame. It’s so good. You need to watch it.”

*Press Play – warning, creepy but super cool Demogorgon mask*

*My sister made this*


1 Year later

Text Message from my sister:

Nicole: Guess who I just met?

Me: Who


Me: Who is that kid?

Nicole: You. Still. Have. Not. Watched. The. Show. Yet? I can’t even talk to you.


It’s true.

I didn’t watch the show.

The thing is, I am terrified of scary movies and shows. I can’t handle them because I’m a wuss.

BUT…but because my sister was relentless in her pestering “DO IT. DO IT. DO IT.” I tried watching it.

Then I binged this show in 4 days.

Stranger Things is a Sci-Fi series that follows the disappearance of boy in a small town. The hunt for the missing boy uncovers many supernatural events around town including a girl who has psychokinetic powers and a Demogorgon monster.

Like the one my sister created in 2016:

I love this series. It’s different from anything that I’ve ever watched and it is entertaining to say the least. It’s a really good blend of humor, scary, and adventure. To me, it has a feel of X-Files – that mystery and sci-fi-esque kind of entertainment that puts you on the edge of your seat but not too over the top like horror movies do. It’s also a blast of nostalgia for those of us from 1980. The cast of kids works really well together – awesome talent all around with this group. Did I mention that I loved it?

Season 2 comes out on October 27th on Netflix and I am pumped to start watching it again.


Of course if you’re not into scary or sci-fi genres there are other exciting titles on Netflix that are waiting to be discovered! There is always something for everyone! Make sure to rate your titles after you watch them! When you rate TV shows and movies, you’re helping Netflix filter through the thousands of selections to get a better idea of what you’d like to watch.


Check out these new shows that are out for the littles!

Skylanders Academy
Season 2

Word Party
Season 3

Super Monsters
Season 1
October 13​

Voltron: Legendary Defender
Season 4
October 13


So what are you watching this month?

Have you seen Stranger Things?


***Photos of Nicole @twistedelegance13 were shared by her permission. You can find and follow her amazing special effects makeup on her Facebook page:   and on her instagram page:




Disclaimer: I am a member of the Netflix Canada #StreamTeam and get special perks. As always, all opinions are my own.




  1. OMG. Girrrrrrrl. I started watching after the last time you mentioned Stranger Things here. We didn’t finish it in four days but I think we finished it in a week. I have no idea why I didn’t do it sooner. I LOVE THIS SHOW! I don’t mind the creepy factor, the scary stuff, it’s not usually my genre either but this show is so well done. I am counting the seconds to Friday’s new release!!! I’m contemplating dressing as Eleven for the work costume contest on Friday even…but I will not be shaving my head, ha. We’ll see how ambitious I get anyway!

  2. Sigh…I have not! I kept meaning to watch it before the second season, but oh well, I’m still planning to get it watched sooner rather than later. I’m so glad you liked it!


  3. I’ve never watched Stranger Things but it sounds like I need to get on the bandwagon. I have some friends who love it.

  4. The kids in Stranger Things are adorable!

  5. robin rue robin rue

    I am crazy excited for the 2nd season of Stranger Things. I plan on bingeing the whole thing this weekend!!

  6. I’ve been meaning to watch Stranger Things. I keep hearing how fabulous it is. I will at some point!

  7. I am so far behind the times since I haven’t seen Stranger Things. Guess it will be a marathon weekend and catching up for the new stuff.

  8. Ok, now I guess now I’m the only one who hasn’t watched it. Lol! Probably need to go check it out.

  9. I’ve never watched this and need to check it out. Sounds like something my older daughters would love too!

  10. I can’t wait to see season 2! I know I am going to be up pretty late this weekend watching as many episodes as I can!

  11. My other half doesn’t normally take much notice of the things I watch that he doesn’t but even he said to me Stranger Things is coming back you like that right!

  12. Pam Wattenbarger Pam Wattenbarger

    My son in law loved Stranger Things. He hasn’t seen the second season of it yet though!

  13. michele d michele d

    I’ve never watched it either. I guess I’m totally missing out on the fun.

  14. I will tell my son and husband – they are into weird or scary things – not me. If I watch this kind of stuff I dream about it. They love it though.

  15. It’s so cool that your sister met one of the stars! We binged it pretty quickly last year too and we’re very excited for S2!

  16. Stranger Things is a very interesting series. Cannot wait for the October-27 launch. Will keep a watch for the same.

  17. I am really behind in my Netflix viewing so Strange Things is a stranger to me. My girls though are LOVING Super Monsters, very cute!

  18. Oh I am also one of those guilty of not watching this show. I should give it a try this weekend and see if I like it.

  19. Girl I have been binging on this show the whole day! I can’t get enough of Stranger Things 2.

  20. Jaime Nicole Jaime Nicole

    I’ve been meaning to start watching Stranger Things! I keep hearing amazing things about the show.

  21. I just started watching MindHunters the other day. Having watched Strange Things yet. It’s on my list to watch though.

  22. I just started watching MindHunters the other day. Having watched Strange Things yet. It’s on my list to watch though. It sounds like a great show.

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