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I don’t know if it is like this with all bloggers but there are some things that I will not write about here and those things – they literally burn at the tips of my fingers. You might be scratching your head and thinking, Kimberly, you’re pretty good at being the queen of oversharing when on a writing roll.

True. I mean, I crack my mind wide open for all of you and write unabashedly about my mental health. I don’t hold back with that because it is so therapeutic for me and I hope that it helps someone out there who is struggling.


There are things, that when I sit down to scribble, I see a massive stop sign. The reason I choose not to share them is because they are not my story to own. At least not 100% to own. I respect the people I love and therefore I need to keep their stories private, even if that means that story impacts myself. Their well-being means more to me then — well, putting it out here.

So I scribble in my journals instead, share with my doctors, and talk with my support group.

Sometimes though, I have that itch to write here. I know that someone out there reading would be like “Me too!” or “You can handle this!” because this blogging community is wonderfully supportive.

I still won’t.

I will say this to you all though –

That you are all incredible and no matter what you are going through whether it is depression or maybe you lost your job or a family member is sick or you have money troubles or your flunking school or hell, you have a flat tire this morning – whatever suck you are dealing with, it’s absolutely bullshit. Every trial and struggle – big or small is absolutely bullshit.  I see you and I hear you.

Sometimes people want to fluff you off and minimize your pain. NO. Don’t allow them to do that. Your pain is valid.

And know what else?

You’re strong.

And you’re going to make it through this.

Amazing how something so delicate can survive and thrive in the harshest of elements – My yard in November


Let’s do this November *Inserts Punch*


PS. Thank you for being a part of my Internets xoxoxo



  1. High five for being strong this November!

  2. I hear you. There is plenty I don’t write either as much as I really, really want to. And you’re right, we ALL have bullshit that we’re dealing with. Life, man. Anyway, yes, we can do this. We will take November by storm. We got this. Love you girl.

  3. I hate when those things burn at my fingers and I can think of nothing else to write.

  4. Thanks for your encouragement and the reminder to count our blessings!
    We got this!

  5. Janet Accetta Janet Accetta

    Thanks for your encouragement and understanding, dear Kim –

    I hope you realize more and more each day how very strong you are –

    Janet xoxo

  6. There are some things that I won’t share because they’re too personal- things about my job and family, that I keep off the internet. And when I need to get something off my chest about those things or even friend things that are in my head, I scribble in my personal journal too. Like you said, those aren’t my stories to share, and (those that know I have a blog) trust that they won’t see their stories appear there. Thanks for the encouragement and positive reinforcement!

  7. Major high fives to November, we got this! I definitely am careful about what I share especially when it involves other in my life. I want to respect that they didn’t decide to put their lives on the internet, I did, but that doesn’t mean they automatically do too.

  8. I love this! And I get what you mean – there are things I could share or talk about but it’s not fully my story so I can’t.


  9. Yes. I struggle with this often myself—the desire to remain authentic while also keeping pieces of me private. It’s a delicate dance and one I’ll likely never get right but when there are other people involved sometimes it’s best to err on the side of caution…because if the tables were turned, I wouldn’t want my stuff out there for all to see and judge.

    Blogging is hard sometimes.

    Anyway, thinking about you and sending all the love your way and thank you for always being YOU and making this space so bright <3

  10. So true. People have a habit of minimising other people’s pain. It’s important we acknowledge it but also that we’re strong and we CAN work through it. It won’t always be easy but we are resilient 🙂

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      You are right – we are resilient! We must always remember that!

  11. I respect your restraint. I do the same with my family. When I started blogging, I was tempted to talk about everything on my blog but I later realized that’s not right.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      It is really hard Ally. I think in the beginning, I was like that too. Then I realized that the internet is big and wide and well, I just can’t write about other people’s stories. I’m glad that you don’t either. You’re an amazing writer 🙂

  12. There is so much I can’t share at my blog, Kim. I really relate to the burning fingers, LOL. I totally get what you’re saying. You’re very strong and vulnerable at the same time…which is the best! We got November.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Yes it’s a struggle — girl if my journals could jump onscreen! Writing is so therapeutic and I love that I can come here and get support. I know that if I wrote out some things here, I would get that but I can’t. I just can’t expose other people’s privacy.

  13. San San

    Oh, damn Kim, you hit a sensitive spot for me… I try to write openly and honestly about me and my life, but there is a huge part I haven’t shared for the same reasons : it’s not my story to tell, even though it impacts me in so many ways.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      It’s really hard to find that balance as a writer isn’t it? Like I find myself wanting to share but then I have to stop — the struggle is real yo!!!

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