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She’s Been Good To Us

He threw himself in the backseat and let out a heavy sigh, “I’ll miss you girl.”

I adjusted the rear view mirror to see that he had not taken off his backpack nor had he put on his seat belt yet. His head was rested on the cold morning fall glass and his fingers delicately traced the details of the door panel. When he was a toddler, he had a sneaky sticker collection there from apples and bananas that he snatched from the grocery store and of course, from the many wonderful nurses and dental hygienists who always gave stickers to their bravest patients.

I smiled thinking of maid of honour’s speech at our wedding 14 years ago. She wrote a “Top Ten Ways To Be A Good Husband…or to Survive Me” I can’t remember what the title was but it was absolutely brilliant and hilarious. Anyways, one of the ways was to always have a box of tissues on hand because I am emotional. I have my heart on my sleeve and I cry unexpectedly and when I do, it’s always a flood gate.  It is so damn true. Commercials, drinking, movies, someone sends me a card in the mail, someone gives me their extra time on their parking meter, a beautiful scene in nature, watching a stranger’s wedding proposal, just because my body feels like it needs to….

It was only natural that I’d have a child who would feel just as deeply as I do.

That he’d cry about letting go of our car.

I did too. So much. After all, we have had Her since 2007.

When we found out that we were pregnant, we knew that we needed a bigger car. I fell in love with this one immediately. She was sturdy.

She brought the most important thing home safely –


She was our home away from home when colic set in and she took me all over the city when I needed to escape my postpartum head with the radio blaring. She caught fists with the steering wheel, muffled swears with the windows, and caught tears in the fabric of the seat.

She always drove me safely home.

She drove me to my psychiatrist when I needed help.

To the hospital.

To friends, to family, and celebrations.

And the adventures we have had….

Traveling near and far, and getting utterly lost in Quebec.

Sitting in the rain, the snow, eating on the fly, spilling coffee, slushies, ice cream.

Traveling to hockey, baseball…

“She’s been good to us Mama.”

“Yes She has.”



Last drive to school


We were asked to stand in a friend’s wedding and then the Bridezilla turned around and told us that us and another couple had to find our own way to get to the wedding. Soooooo….our car turned into the limo which was cool since our “limo” stopped off at Harvey’s for food. Bride = not happy.


Thanks for the good times Old Gal xoxox


**She is leaking all over the place and rusting — basically on her last leg. We got a new car and I’m very blessed and happy that we were able to get a new one… but man…I loved my gal.


  1. I feel this! I get emotional about everything too – I cried so hard when I sold my first car and watched the person drive it away. It is funny how sentimental we can be about these things, but you are so right when you think about all a car does for us. It’s an extension of you. So yes, all the feels! But yay for a new one. Because that is fun too <3

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Oh see, if I saw them drive it away…I would have bawled my eyes out for sure. She just sat there like a sad rusty box. Sigh….Loved her.

  2. This is a beautiful post! I can totally relate – I get very attached to random things so a car is a huge thing to let go.
    Hope you have many happy years and make awesome memories with your new car.
    Lovely photos 🙂

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      I’m so glad that I’m not the only one! I think that we will like this one. Just have to get used to all the computer gizmos ….holy moly!!!! Not used to it!!!

  3. Awww I understand this completely. I’ve formed these kinds of special attachments with items that hold sentimental value in my life, too ~<3 glad she served you well all those years and omg, a baby chunky and my heart can’t stand the cuteness!!

    Mazel with your new set of wheels, my sweet!!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Thank you Charlotte!! I do like her already!!
      I know about Chunky right…so tiny!

  4. We recently had to retire our Jeep we bought the week we got married. 13 years!! It was never my primary card but hubby was totally bummed out.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      That is a good run for a car! OH that would have been really hard to let go. That is my dream vehicle. One day I will own a Jeep! One day!

  5. I know the feeling well. I still feel a bang when I see an older model Honda Pilot. What a great car that was. I like my new one but it isn’t the same.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      I do too when I see old yellow focus cars! We had one for a short little bit. I loved that tiny banana car!

  6. Aw, what a sweet kid. It’s totally okay to get emotional about whatever you want. Your car got you to some amazing places. Here’s to wonderful new memories in your new one!


    • Kimberly Kimberly

      It already took us on our first road trip to a hockey tournament and it was through snow! So so far, so good! Thank you so much Lauren!

  7. It can be tough to say goodbye to an old friend. I’ve always named my cars and tend to develop rather tight bonds with them. My last one, Whinney, was a scandalous VW diesel that was bought back and junked. That was hard on us because usually you can imagine someone else taking over and the dad living happily ever after.

    I hope your new car treats you well!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Oh I hope ours gets to find a good mechanic that will give her some life. She was on her last limb. Sigh…poor gal. The new one has lots of pep — my goodness. It’ll take some serious getting used to — all those computer things. What in the world?? My nine year old understands it better than I do and he doesn’t have a licence.

  8. It’s hard to let go of a trusty car, but yeah for getting a new ride 🙂

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Yes YAY for the new ride. It’s a good little car. Lots of computer thangs though that I will need to get used to — oh boy!

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