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So 2017 Wasn’t Our Year

My dentist really does have the most gentlest eyes I’ve ever seen and probably the most steadiest hands but I’m still terrified of him. I mean what dentist hums Ed Sheeran as he’s ready to take what appears to be some sort of medieval torture device and ram it square into a filling that I’ve had since the 1980’s?

I told him I couldn’t eat or drink without it feeling like someone is dragging a piece of aluminum foil down my tooth root.

Robert. Bob. Bobby. Bert. Come on now. It’s Christmas.

He said I needed a root canal and a crown.

Scheduled on Friday.

I choked on my spit when I saw the estimate.

Merry Christmas Kimberly.  

I’d be lying if I said that 2017 was a good year. It was hard. It has been one of the biggest bullies I’ve ever encountered. We’ve battled teachers, principals, bring in the school board, family drama llamas, battling mental illness and chronic pain, taking care of someone I love with all of my heart and soul who is equally as sick, and trying to get treatment for illnesses that have plagued our house. My goodness we have fought so damn hard this year.

Someone said to me a little while ago that they didn’t know how I did it every day.

And sitting here on December 19th with a throbbing molar, melted snow and muddied dog prints all over the floor, taking a break from helping my son prep for his math test, I’m wondering how I’m going to get things rolling for the Christmas Eve party we throw when I still have 3 specialists appointments to attend to this week including the dentist.

Shoot, I am still not ready for Christmas Day.

I know it’ll be stressful as ever but it’ll work out because somehow, like all the other chaotic weeks and months this year, I just did it. I made it happen.

Just wake up and start.

I have to. There’s no other option.

Some days this year, I felt as though I’ve conquered mountains and other days I felt like I’ve only mastered drinking a cup of coffee while it was actually still warm. That’s an actual accomplishment in my book since some days, I forget where I’ve left my coffee.

Some days I stare in the mirror and see a stranger – a pale, thin, exhausted mum.

She’s overwhelmed but damn it, she hangs on.

Under all the horrible things that keep piling on top, I still believe that things will get better. They have to.

Track record has proven that the House of Chunky Monkey has always gotten better in time – especially when we have each other.


We went on my very first bike ride since my back injury in 2003! Holy moly! I needed ice after this adventure. It was thrilling!

So I start every day with a hot coffee or tea and I get bonus points if I finish it before it runs cold.

Hashtag: Momlife

I look for the good in the little things like talking to the cashier at the register. They have great stories you know. Wearing sunglasses in the winter, raw cookie dough for lunch, snail mail, indulging in salon shampoo, buying too many journals, dragging your feet in the grass, dog snores, kid snores, falling back in a fresh patch of snow.


I’ve done other things to help myself including  joining a support group this year and it’s helped.

I see my doctors regularly.

Self care is an absolute must and that means saying no, taking time to myself, and allowing myself to leave the laundry for another day – guilt free – and crashing in an exhausted heap on the couch. Some nights I dive into books. Other nights I find that leaping into other worlds on T.V. is a much needed break from mine.

This year y’all, is the year I Netflixed.

So much so that we went over our bandwidth-thingy-ma-whatever-it-is-that-makes-your-husband-go “Holy crap babe! How much Netflix are you watching?”


Orange Is The New Black – Streaming on Netflix Canada

I needed to. I laughed and cried and laughed and texted, “Did you see what that bleepity bleep did?”

And it wasn’t just me watching Netflix.

The whole family was. Every Friday night, we have movie night.

Watching Scrooged – not sure if Shawn could see much of it – Now streaming on Netflix Canada

My husband and I got hooked on Shameless and let me tell you, there is no other series that will make you feel better about your current life situation than that show.

Chunky Monkey blasted through Buddy Thunderstruck (which I might add is pretty darn funny), currently watching the next round of Troll Hunters, Horrid Henry, Teen Titans Go, and always on is SpongeBob,

Some of the new series I found this year:

I really connected on a personal level with the series Atypical and both laughed and bawled my eyes out.

Then I got lost in the royal drama of  The Crown. I had no idea…no idea *jaw drops*

Dirk Gently was one of my best finds on Netflix this year and it is so weird but I LOVED IT (come back for season 2 please!)


The lovely and hilarious Maria Bamford plays a bipolar actress in Lady Dynamite – This show will crack you up.  Love this because Maria Bamford actually has bipolar disorder and OCD, and is vocal about mental health. YAS GIRL!


Stranger Things and Stranger Things 2 was a pleasant surprise. I almost skipped right over this series. I am so glad that I gave it a chance. It is so good! I blasted through it.


Chewing Gum. OH. MY. this show is too funny. Too funny.

Schitt’s Creek is also fantastic – 100% Canadian and 100% hilarious. The Levy’s…need I say more?




Thinking back to all the shows and movies we watched – it was some really good entertainment this year Netflix. Lots of laughs, deep thoughts, and feel good moments. My son and I just might have to forgive you for pulling Doctor Who off.


So 2017 wasn’t our year. I know that flipping the calendar won’t magically make things better. It’s going to take elbow grease still but we will get there.

Just wake up and start each day.

I have decided to make this my last post of 2017. I want to take the 2 weeks that my family has off for the holidays to focus on them…and me.  Of course you can catch me on my Facebook Page and on my Instagram page.

As always, thank you to all of my readers old and new – you mean a great deal to me. More than you know. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday and I wish you all the best in 2018. Be safe out there in your travels.

And…Enjoy the little things because they’re the most important things. xoxox


Oh and if you’re looking for some awesome holiday movies Netflix does not disappoint. They’ve got a great lineup:

Trolls Holiday Special

A Storybots Christmas

A Christmas Prince

The Christmas Inheritance 

Dreamworks Home: For The Holidays



So what shows have you discovered this year?

Which shows did you binge on this year?

What show/movie was your favourite this year?

What holiday shows will you be watching?


Disclaimer: I am a member of the Netflix Canada #StreamTeam and get special perks. As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. I’m kind of ready to hang a hat on 2017, too. It wasn’t so bad for me overall, a few flareups of anxiety, but I suppose for me it’s par for the course now.

    That said, I hope 2018 brings you and your beautiful family all good things. I’m so sorry to hear about the root canal and tooth issues. What the fark, 2017? Can’t you just bow out quietly!? Apparently not.

    I’ve been hardcore Netflixing, too. I need to watch the Crown. And Lady Dynamite! I haven’t heard of it, but sounds amazing! And Schitt’s Creek looks amazing. I LOVE Stranger Things (on season 2 now) and just finished Game Of Thrones (a show I know you said you couldn’t get into) but now that it’s finished, I can devote my TV viewing to other things 🙂

    XOXO and all the best for the holidays, my sweet friend. Remember always to keep your cup full okay and reach out if you need anything.

  2. Oh girl, I hate that you have to endure an expensive root canal. Like seriously, icing on the cake to a banger year right? Ugh.

    I hope for only good things in 2018 for you my friend.

    Netflix is my jam. You know how I feel about Stranger Things. My heart. And we liked season 2 of Master of None, I know some didn’t care for it but I loved it. I need to watch Lady Dynamite, I love Maria Banford. And I need to watch the Crown. We’ve been re-watching the Office because sometimes you need mindless humor, you know?

    Love you babe. Take care of yourself and your family and I hope you can enjoy the holidays a little bit. Get thee some ice cream and cookie dough for root canal day. xoxo

  3. I’m so sorry that you have to have a root canal and crown this week. That should not be allowed near the holidays at all. I had one last year, and I hope to never repeat that.
    Even though the calendar doesn’t magically make everything better, I really hope your 2018 is a better one.
    I love your honesty, and am so happy to have found your blog.
    As for Netflix, I’m completely addicted too. I’m on season 2 of both the Crown and Stranger Things right now. I watch The Flash with my oldest, even though I didn’t think I’d like superhero shows, i love this one. My twin are obsessed with Horrid Henry!

  4. Oh no, going to the dentist is the worst. I have two cavities that I really need to get filled but I don’t have dental insurance, so I know it’s going to be expensive. Sigh.

    So many shows that I still need to watch like Dirk Gentley and Atypical. I didn’t really watch a ton of Netflix this year, though I did watch Mindhunter and LOVED it.


  5. I love The Crown, but I haven’t seen the second season yet. I was so bummed when Netflix removed Doctor Who, but at least it is on Amazon Prime…

  6. Hi Kim, I’m sorry to hear about all the challenges you’ve faced this year. That said, you are so gracious and inspiring in sharing your challenges with us here. Netflix? LOVE Schitt’s Creek! Also, Stranger Things season 2, I just finished that the other night. I will check out Lady Dynamite. I haven’t heard of some of the shows you’ve mentioned here. I discovered Gypsy last summer (stars one of the beautiful Kates). It’s far from a comedy but it’s quite riveting.

  7. Merry Christmas! Happy much better New Year! Wishing you and yours all the best!!! xoxo

  8. I love Shameless! It opened my eyes to a whole new way of life.

    Sorry to hear your year was tough. I’m glad you’re knocking off early and relaxing over the holidays with your family. Enjoy the quiet. And Netflix is good.

  9. Shameless <3 one of my favorite shows, I always recommend it to everyone.. but I guess it's not everyone's cup of tea. Glad you liked it! And I wish you the best 2018! After I read all this – you've deserved it!

  10. I’m sorry to hear that this year was a bit tough for you. I hope you feel better soon. I’m terrified of the dentist and would much rather go to the doctor. Unfortunately, my hygienist and dentist left the practice so now I have to deal with a new hygienist and dentist. Just when I started to feel a bit more relaxed…this change happens. I just had an appointment and was so scared. I still haven’t subscribed to Netflix, but plan to soon. I keep hearing such great things about Netflix.

    I hope 2018 is a great year for you. Happy holidays!

  11. Love you lady. I hope 2018 is better for each ad everyone of you. <3 I also hope that amidst all the holiday busyness and drama, you were able to find a few moments of happiness and joy.

    Happy holidays and here’s to a better year ahead. xoxoxo

  12. Just popping in to say hello and that I miss you and that I hope that 2018 is looking up so far <3 Sending all my love your way, and holy hell–I hope you guys are staying warm. It's official. I'm in hibernation. I've stopped shaving my legs and I'll see everyone at the end of March, ha!


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