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Baby It’s Cold Out. No Warm. No Rainy. Snowy. It’s A Day. Let’s Stay In And Watch Netflix | #StreamTeam

I don’t know about where you live, but in our Canadian neck of the woods, we have been battling some real wild weather. Negative digits, single digits, digits that can be compared to outer space,  frost, snow, wind, rain, spring weather…

Shoot, our dog won’t even go out anymore. Our child has resorted to coaxing him out with treats and song. Boy, that has failed miserably.

Kid: Hello from the other siiide! Champ you should come outsi— Champ: You’re not fooling me. Your snot is literally frozen to the side of your face.

I can’t blame the old man.

I don’t want to leave the house either. There’s too much work involved. All the layering and scraping of cars and then I have to worry about slipping on ice. Half of my back is metal and arthritis you know. If I slipped and fell, my hair wouldn’t look right.

My husband said no one would notice anyways because I’m wearing a toque — “Shhhh, Shawn. Shhhh.”

Step Brothers – Now Streaming on Netflix Canada

It’s best to just stay indoors I say.

In fact, I’ve had to. My chronic pain has been on the fritz all due to vitamin deficiencies and this up and down weather. It’s forced me to slow-it-down girl.  The house is a hot mess and the laundry is piling and I live in PJ’s with my trusted chronic pain companion for 14 years –

During the time of year when everyone is tackling their New Year’s resolutions and goals and starting fresh, jumping into 2018 with two feet and running forward as fast as they can – I’m kind of, well, stagnant.

And you know what?

I’m OK with it.

I think I needed this.

I mean, I’d much rather not feel so sick but I needed this.

Self care, recharge, focus on me for once.

Bob’s Burgers – Now Streaming on Netflix Canada

So what have we been up to?

Besides doctors appointments… there’s the kid’s hockey, baking, reading, and NETFLIX (all caps because Netflix has been lit this month!)

Mr. D – Now Streaming on Netflix Canada


My son has been such a big help around the house, lugging some loads of laundry and helping me with small trips to the grocery store. And what goes best with a good movie?

Snacks! We decided that since we are cooped up in the house anyways, we’d make our own.

We made at least 3 batches of this quick cranberry sugar cookie I found on pinterest and he added a little twist. Mixing white chocolate chips and milk chocolate.


It was a big hit.

Now for the movies!

My son and I watched on his day off Cool Camp Kids and we really enjoyed it. On the weekend we watched The Ender’s Game. Also a good one! He recently discovered the series Horrid Henry and let me tell you, I can hear his belly laughs from all over the house. He really enjoys this show.

Horrid Henry on the iPad

He also loves the series Sam & Cat and wants everyone to know that it’s not just for girls! Anyone can watch it because “It’s so funny!”.

As for me, I am scattered all over with shows.

Shawn and I were immediately hooked on Peaky Blinders. Go. Watch. NOW.

Then there is the return of Dirk Gently for season 2

He is so awkward and cute and I love it

Then we discovered Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – this is hilarious

Anything related to The Crown series and let me tell you, there are a lot of documentaries related to the Royal family.

And The End of The F***ing World which I finished in record speed. So weird but so good.

Oh and David Letterman is back with a series called My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. I haven’t watched it yet but it’s on my list!

I’m telling you, Netflix is jumping with awesome titles this month!

What else is new:


Trolls: The Beat Goes On! returned on January 19th and picks up right where the hit movie left off, following the adventures of Poppy, Branch and all their Troll friends.

Season 2 of One Day at a Time returns on January 26. This is a great series for the teen looking for a smart family comedy.

Coming soon on February 2 is  Altered Carbon a fast-paced cyberpunk series where death isn’t permanent and human consciousness can be digitized and downloaded from body to body. Sounds neat!



Do you remember reading the beloved bedtime stories“Llama Llama Red Pajama”?  Well it’s coming to Netflix, with the launch of the official animated Llama Llama series on January 26!


So tell me…

What are you watching this month?

What are you looking forward to watching/what is on your list to watch?

What is your child/children watching?

And how are you keeping warm this winter?



Disclaimer: I am a member of the Netflix Canada #StreamTeam and get special perks. As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. Been really cold here as well. Spent my time cleaning out some drawers and closets.
    Doing some scrapbooking. Oh and we binged watched all the Game of thrones.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Oh I love scrapbooking too! I haven’t printed out many photos lately to do any new layouts.
      My husband loves game of thrones!

  2. robin rue robin rue

    It’s COLD here, so we’ve been watching our fair share of Netflix shows lately. I am so excited for all the great stuff they have coming up this year.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Girl…I almost want to buy one of these coats I saw online that has a built in heater. They’re for real. Until then, I’m staying inside!

  3. It’s even been crazy cold down south as well. I’m ready for spring. I haven’t been watching much TV this month since I’m knee deep in all things basketball. I’m at a game every night of the week cheering for one of my grandson’s. I need a night off to watch one of these shows.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      We are knee deep in hockey – we just can’t get away from the cold! I heard that the south was getting hit with cold too. YIKES! Go you for being a super fan. I bet that your grandson absolutely loves that!

  4. Binge watching has become my favorite way to watch a show. I have heard peaky Blinders is good but haven’t checked it out as of yet.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Peaky Blinders is so good. If you like the era of rum running, mobsters, drama, and Cillian Murphy’s gorgeous blue eyes add this one.

  5. Oh yes, I love watching Netflix. We recently finished Fuller House and Stranger Things season 1. There’s always something cool to put on!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      You have to watch Stranger Things 2! It is so good!

  6. Angelic Sinova Angelic Sinova

    I love Netflix! I currently just finished the 4th season of Black Mirror. The weather here in Chicago has been crazy too. One day its 11 degrees and the next it jumps up to 45 degrees!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      YES we are 48 degrees today and yesterday we had snow! What is happening?! I want to watch Black Mirror again. I’ve watched 2 episodes (the first one was so weird and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it). Everyone keeps talking about it so I want to jump back into that one.

  7. I has been cold here in New England as well. My whole family loves Netflix. My kids finally plowed through Stranger Things. I can’t wait for the new season of Santa Clarita Diet and Atypical.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      I love Atypical! STranger Things is our house favourite!!! I have not watched Santa Clarita Diet but I do adore anything with Drew Barymore. She’s on my list next. I’m just finishing up with Peaky Blinders which is so good.

  8. I always do Netflix marathon too when the weather requires me to stay home. It’s my guilty pleasure have you watch Strangers Things yet? Oh my I think I watch all of it in a day haha!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      I LOVE LOVE Stranger Things. It is my favourite. I was so sad when I finished it. Have you seen Beyond Stranger Things? That’s on there too. I want them to hurry up and make the 3rd.

  9. We have been watching Stranger Things on repeat! Lol. We also just finished Fuller House. Agents of Shield or The Flash is next.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Stranger Things is my favourite! I want them to hurry up and make a 3rd!

  10. We keep going from 60 degrees and beautiful to snow and cold. It is insane. I love curling up with Netflix when it is cold out.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      It’s in the high 40’s today! Yesterday we had snow. It is bonkers. It is definitely Netflix weather that’s for sure. Just close the blinds and pay no attention to what’s happening outside. HA!

  11. The weather has been kinda wild around here recently. We went from single digits to the 60s in a short time. I stay warm by staying indoors and cuddling near the fireplace with a big mug of tea. I love Netflix too!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Today we are in the high 40’s – yesterday we had snow. What. is. happening? I would absolutely love to have a fireplace in my house. We used to have one in our basement when we moved in but when we had it inspected, it was deemed unsafe so he had to take it out. One day we will replace it!

  12. Pam Pam

    I was excited to see the Trolls cartoon coming out. My granddaughter loves Trolls but you can only watch it so many times.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      My son saw the movie and loved it too. That’s why I love that we have a T.V is in the basement … hee hee.

  13. Yeah in Northern Colorado, we are below freezing a good portion of the day. I see runners out there and I’m thinking what invisible force is holding them hostage and forcing them to run in this weather because I’d say no and crawl right back under the covers.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      I just spit my tea out. I literally spit my tea out.
      I do not get runners but all the power to them. Bless their fit bits.

  14. It has been so cold here this winter! There is nothing better than cuddling up and watching a good movie or binge watch a TV show when it is cold outside! We do movie nights a lot in our house this time of year.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      That’s the best – cuddling and movies in the winter time!

  15. That is okay with me. I can stream all day with my fur babies.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Fur babies are the best Netflix companions…they don’t steal the remote…the snacks however…

  16. My babies have been inside with all of this cold. Netflix it is!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Amen to that! Can’t wait for summer!

  17. Our Family World Our Family World

    We binge watched all the Harry Potter movies. My husband loves Harry Potter and he wishes there were more books he could read. Too cold to be outside, we just ordered our groceries online. No way I am going out in that freezing weather.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Oh I need to start ordering my groceries online. And I love Harry Potter. My son just started getting into them too. Such a classic series! STay warm!!

  18. Annemarie LeBlanc Annemarie LeBlanc

    I updated my playlist and I am staying indoors! I would alternate between binge watching shows on Netflix and listening to my new set of songs. If I ever go out in this freaky weather, I will be shivering so hard I might be mistaken as a jack hammer!

  19. Thanks for this post. I am def going to watch Rivadale now…. been eying it for some time now. Thanks for your post!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      I have not seen Riverdale yet but I’ve heard lots of good things about it!

  20. Those cranberry sugar cookies look so good! I’ve been thankful that January is a slow month because I’ve needed time to think and get my head on straight. Snuggling in and watching Netflix helps, too 🙂

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      Every one keeps saying that JAnuary was the longest ever but I didn’t mind it a whole lot. It really slowed us down and let us chill out. The cookies were so good. They were on pinterest!!

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