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Summer Strawberries

I could smell them almost immediately when I walked in the entrance. The small and radically fresh strawberries crammed into their signature green plastic cartons. I’ve been waiting such a long time for them.

Summer had finally arrived at the grocery store.

I know that it stings Shawn that they cost a little bit extra than the super plump strawberries from who knows where in the US but it annoys me that sometimes when we bite into those ones, you often wonder if they were still supposed to be “cooking” when they were picked.  Ack, they’re so pale and tasteless. But these ones picked in our area are the real deal. I’d gladly pay the extra for locally grown. Shut up cashier who smashes my bread and sighs when I can’t bag my items fast enough because I’m crippled, take my money. I want all the strawberries.

They remind me of when I was little.

I do have good memories of my childhood you know. I loved summer and my dresses that my mom had made for me. From what I was told, I’d spend quite some time picking out the most perfect dress that had the most perfect fan when I twirled.

I was fashion forward at 3 – sandals and socks yo!  I had a much better picture in mind but half of my computer room is up here and half is down there and I’m not moving. 

Then I’d take off into the “back 40” as we called it. It was a massive field that lined our entire neighbourhood. All of us kids would meet there eventually. We’d play out there until the sun would go down.

Best part about the 1980’s: NO PARENTS.

I’m sure that they poked their heads out when one of us whimpered or said something we shouldn’t have or made a loud breaking-of-the-thing-noise.

Parent’s have good ears.

It was the strawberries though that I remember.

They grew wild in the “back 40”. They were very tiny but very sweet. We would lay on our bellies to find them. It didn’t take long before the “back 40” was picked clean. When we came home, our fingers were stained red from plucking the berries and the bottoms of our feet were splotched in shades of red, green, brown – whatever it is we ran through or climbed on. We rarely wore shoes. If we did, they always came off because they just got in the way.

Probably in the way of twirling.

Anyway, they paved over the “back 40”  many years ago. Tore down our tree fort which really wasn’t much of anything but a board thrown up into a massive willow tree. It had a tire stuck in the muddy ditch that we thought was super cool to sit on and talk about how awful it was to not be able to watch horror movies or shave our legs at the age of 6. True story.

The neighbour’s decks overlook my mom’s yard – tower it practically.

I hope that they know that they ruined my strawberries.





  1. You were ADORABLE and very fashion-forward at age 3! I’m glad you got the local strawberries – they look delectable. And how dare that snotty cashier give you a hard time with her passive-aggressive sigh. Bee-yotch!

    I love your vivid recollection of how it used to be…

    I haven’t had any strawberries yet this season and now that I’ve read this post and looked at the photos, I want some. NOW! 😉


    • Kimberly Kimberly

      They are so delicious. My child has eaten most of them though! Sneaky sneaky!
      My regular cashier must be on vacation – yes, I go to the same cashier all the time. She loves on my loaves of bread. Dainty hands. Talks about her grand kids. xoxo

  2. Watermelon for me, thanks! That texture, that burst of juice, that smell… YUM!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      I can’t eat watermelons! NOOOOOOO…damn IBS. Who would have thought that a watermelon would kill my colon. Fucken colon.

  3. I feel that nostalgia with every word here. There is something about those fresh strawberries. We used to grow them in our garden when I was a kid and I loved eating them until my stomach hurt! My sister in law just gave us some fresh berries from her garden and it took me back. SO good. And also, I always wanted to twirl my skirts at age 3 too. What was the point of a skirt otherwise? I’m sorry they paved paradise and put up a parking lot on your back 40. They are animals.

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      OOOOH you used to grow them?! That is so awesome! We used to grow raspberries and they just took over everything! They were delicious though! I think I still twirl my skirts. OK…I still do.
      You gave me an ear worm. *Shakes fist in the air* AT least its a good song 😉 xxoxox

  4. I was born in 1990 but I still remember the days where me and my friends would just run around the neighborhood on our own…ah, freedom. I love this story! And you totally should pay a bit more for the strawberries that remind you of childhood, and just you know…TASTE good. 🙂


    • Kimberly Kimberly

      You make me feel old girlfriend! I loved being barefoot in the grass. I still love kicking off my flip flops and dragging my feet across the grass while I read. It’s so comforting. You should see my grass now though. My husband DESTROYED my backyard with weed killer. The entire lot. All of it. It looks like crop circles back there. I can’t even look back there. xoxo

  5. I love this! Strawberries definitely mark the start of summer. They are so sweet and bring back all the feels of childhood! Thanks for sharing!

    • Kimberly Kimberly

      They sure do! My son is eating all the ones I just bought. Little stinker!

  6. LOVE the pic of you as a babe. Still a babe, actually 😀 There’s nothing like local grown strawberries in the month of June, barefoot. I grew them in my garden in the Prairies, too. Delectable. Ah, the 80’s. I was a child of the 70’s and a teen of the 80’s. Turned 20 in 1984. But definitely relate to your childhood memories. NO PARENTS.

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