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No One Bakes Lasagna Like You Do. Don’t Tell My Mom



In January 1978, the country livestock rejoiced for a ten pound eleven ounce child was born; one that was so big that the doctors were surprised that he didn’t walk out of his mom’s uterus and slap his own chunky ass to elicit his first breath.

“What did you name him?” excited visitors asked.

His […]

September 4th Is A Good Day To Be Born



This is me 35 years ago propped up by a pumpkin and sitting in front of a couch that’s draped in a blanket to protect it’s fine flowery 1980 fabric finish.

The eye patch tied in the early Halloween ensemble.

When you’re an adult, the government also likes to take fun pictures around your […]

What Makes You Great?



What makes you great, they asked?

And quite frankly, the answer was quite simple.

It is was makes you great and you great and you and you and you.

It’s being here.

I’m the only left handed Kimberly who hates chocolate and loves P!NK and […]

At The Coffin



I was seven or eight when my papa had passed. The wake was a long and grueling three catholic days of prayer and strangers and old Avon smelly lady people with thick lipstick coming to kiss my cheeks and pull me up to the coffin to see him.

“Look at your papa. Doesn’t he look […]

If Happy Hearts Could Speak



The cold lake wind raced through his hair as the boat plodded steadily through the choppy waters. He is seated at the bow; our little guide. He was seemingly subdued but was in fact quite content. I could tell. Captivated by his surroundings that have filled him with much wonderment this vacation — the towering […]

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