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Health Journeys : A Meditation To Help You Relieve Depression



I remember my insides being wound up tighter than a rubber ball as my thoughts darted this way and that way. I was praying that whatever prescription my psychiatrist was typing that he’d hurry up and type it already because I could feel myself coming apart at the seams — but no, he was typing […]

Live Clean Sheer Light Skin Perfecting Dry Body Oil Review



So I woke up the other morning and saw that my Japanese Maple tree had red leaves. I was tempted to pluck them but much like plucking the sprouts of shockingly grey hairs on my head that I find, I was worried that a bazillion more would grow in its place.

Then when I […]

Not Your Grandma’s Pillbox



I’ll curse the day when my doctor added that one extra pill — that one extra pill that would confuse me at morning, lunch and bedtime. I found myself at the end of the day scratching my head wondering, “Did I take it?” Unsure of myself, I would end up dumping the pills out onto […]

Shaun The Sheep Inspired Plastic Bottle Planter

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It’s only eight o’clock in the morning.

I haven’t even seen the bottom of my first coffee cup yet, and I’ve heard “mom” called approximately thirty times already.

“Mom, I’m hungry.”

“Mom, the dog is breathing on my leg!”

“Mom, if I put my finger in my nose and turn it all […]

Tackling Chronic Back Pain With ActiPatch®



It was December 7th 2003.

I was scheduled out at triage and worked my tail end off trying to whittle down the never ending line of patients pushing their way through our emergency room doors but to no avail. They just kept coming.

I scurried from one room to the next to the next as […]

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