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Happy Tea Bags



I wished that Shawn had fixed the patio screen in the summer because every time a passing breeze catches its frayed ends, I think I’m seeing people out the corner of my eye. Maybe I am. Could be your grandpa or your beloved cat. She says that she hates you for giving her the “pass […]

So You’re Canadian Huh?

Canada is awesome


“You make those waffle cones fresh eh?”

“Oh,” she shook her finger at me, “you must be Canadian huh?”

“How did you know?”


“I asked, how did you know?”

“It’s the eh. You Canadians say ‘eh’ when you talk huh?”

“Oh I thought that you were going to say that my awesome was […]

BonBon Break Mental Health Awareness Month

Circa 2010


My blog is kind of like my kid’s toy box. Legos, dinky cars, an army dude head, and I think what I found in there the other day was a piece of Pop Tart.

There might even be an illegal immigrant in there.

I don’t trust this kid.

Circa 2010

I don’t really think […]

Armpits: It’s What I’m Talking About



I looked at my reflection in the mirror and twirled in a circle to see my silver crushed velvet dress fan away from my very pale legs. I bounced up and down and swayed my head from left to right to make sure that the curls gathered on top of my head stayed where […]

There’s Something Different In Your Fridge. Is that Chocolate?



Did I tell you about the time when I ate a mouldy bagel?


Lean in close.

This is a good one.

I was a na├»ve 18 year old chasing a dream when I signed up for nursing school. I felt so cool when I strutted in the classroom in my uniform with patches […]

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