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September 4th Is A Good Day To Be Born

This is me 35 years ago propped up by a pumpkin and sitting in front of a couch that’s draped in a blanket to protect it’s fine flowery 1980 fabric finish.


The eye patch tied in the early Halloween ensemble.

When you’re an adult, the government also likes to take fun pictures around your date of birth like passports that expire (by coincidence), health cards,  and licences.

And we get to pay them to get these pictures taken.

“Happy birthday Kimberly.”

*Camera Flash*

*Swipes credit card*

*Pats me on the head*

“Love Canada.”

I’ll tell you, nothing puts you in more of a crappy mood quite like sitting in a crowded waiting room at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation knowing that you’re going to have to shell out $108 the day before your birthday.


I pulled this number — they were calling 74. What in the hell?

As I was sitting there though listening to all of the people in the waiting room, people who shared the same birthday month as me, people who may even share the same birthday as me, moan about the wait, I was reminded of my grandma.

My birthday buddy.

One year, when I was much, much younger and in a stinky pouty attitude, my grandma said that September 4th was a good day to have a birthday and I disagreed because September 4th just happened to land on Labour Day weekend. AGAIN. ALWAYS. FOEVER. on or around the holiday.

“I never get to celebrate my birthday in school like everyone else because there is no school,” I stammered,  “My friends are gone on vacation or they’re doing family things. So I don’t get a party!”

And life was super duper dramatic and I probably flicked my badly permed hair over my shoulder.


Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

She laughed, this beautiful dear quiet woman who shared the same birthday as me, “It’s a good day to have a birthday because you were born. That’s what matters.”

In all honesty I  didn’t get it but I nodded and smiled….

…except I stopped smiling when my dad put his foot in my ass for being a quote unquote “selfish shit”.

For 15 years, I shared a birthday with my grandma and it was something special. There isn’t a birthday that goes by that makes me sad that I had not appreciated this day more in the way she looked at it.

September 4th is a good day to have a birthday.

It’s because we were simply born and are alive.


I’m one #Brave chick — and sometimes I’m not…and that’s ok…I take pills for that…

This year has been a whole lot of sketchy but come to think of it, so was the year I was born and most of my college years thanks to sloppy bar hopping and doing shots of black coffee while studying the intricate workings of the colon for nursing school.  Also sketchy was the year I became a mom and sleep wasn’t on the menu and the year I had back surgery and ate Percocet for a living.

Don’t do drugs.

Unless you like sleeping with your eyes open.

But despite all of that though, I can think of the good parts that exist within those sketchy fuzzy blurry sometimes hellish what-the-f**k moments.


Life is just that — horribly unpredictable.

My 35th year may be blessed with lots of happy wonderful things or…

I don’t know. Know one does, but my grandma knew.

That today, just like any day that you wake up is a good day to open your eyes, take a breath, and be born again.

So keep trucking no matter what.

I am.

Happy Birthday grandma wherever you are in that big blue sky xoxo


When it’s your birthday week, MOM wins at mini golf. ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH sucka.


It Always Waits For Me

Sometimes I wish I were Moses and possessed the power to part things like the sea of humans threatening to trample me in the mall but the sad fact is I will never be Moses and rock a beard — unless something horribly goes wrong in menopause.

Crowds make me anxious which is why I always go shopping early in the morning to avoid such catastrophes as trampling.

Know what else makes me anxious?

Showing up to the mall too early.

This is my struggle.

This is how god damn ridiculous my anxiety has gotten.

I showed up to the mall when it opened and then I thought:

“I might be the only store patron in there and then they’ll all be staring at me the entire time.”

“The employees never like the first customer. Ever.”

So I waited in my car until my armpits sweat poutine gravy and a bunch of other people questioned if they should call 911 because there’s an adult human in a car with the windows rolled up in the parking lot.


That’s me outside of the big bad mall and I realize how incredibly stupid this is. In the moment however, I am shitting my pants.

I feel like I’m doing something wrong.

Life isn’t swirly, whirly, churny, upside, downy. It’s just fine.

It’s road tripping to beaches that we haven’t visited in three years.

Left photo circa 2012. Right 2015.

Left photo circa 2012. Right 2015.

It’s reading books with my son crammed on our small couch and kicking ass in road hockey and park play dates and sitting in the grass.

It’s night walks and finding leftover stones from our camping trip in the washing machine.

I totally threw my back out doing this.

I totally threw my back out doing this.

It’s going out to dinner to celebrate another year — life with friends sharing September birthdays (and an August one) and just chatting and laughing and all those things that make friendships grand.

See, it’s fine really and I’m thankful for that.

Yet I am struggling inside. I feel like my insides are constantly twisting and my brain keeps thinking thoughts that shouldn’t be thought.

It’s my illness that’s acting like an asshole but sometimes I wonder if it’s me. Am I the problem? Am I what’s wrong?

My illness tells me so all the time.

Worthless. Weak. Disappointment. Hopeless. Helpless.

I wish they would shut up for just one day.

It’s back to medication increases, struggling to calm my skin for meditation, lots of self care, oh my! I will rip my arm off if that will make me better —

I’ll never be “normal” and I f**king hate that.

But my life is good and I love that.

It always waits for me.



***My ten things of thankful are within my post *rule breaker alert*

PS. Remember when Champ had his “ace hole” tumour? Well I wrote about it and Sheknows published it on their site!!

*shameless plug alert*


Ten Things of Thankful


What Makes You Great?

What makes you great, they asked?

And quite frankly, the answer was quite simple.

It is was makes you great and you great and you and you and you.

It’s being here.

I’m the only left handed Kimberly who hates chocolate and loves P!NK and scrapbooks life’s treasures that aren’t nailed down.


I’m the only Kimberly who gardens for funsies, enjoys being awkward, runs on coffee, and was scarred for life by the Gremlins.


I’ve got metal in my spine and loose nuts in my brain but that doesn’t stop me from doing spectacular things like being human.

I’m a good mom and a wife and friend and a published writer and once upon a time I was one hell of an a emergency room nurse.

Once upon a time I had boobs – although that isn’t relevant to this story.


What makes me great is that I am here.

I am here when life is beautiful and I am here when life hurts

because I am Kimberly. The only one.


I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but life and summer and life — this was the last topic that Blissdom Canada wanted its participants in their #BlissPhotoADay Challenge to capture “What Makes You Great?”

Last month I entered Blissdom Canada’s #BlissPhotoADay Challenge   and I am so honoured that I won the challenge. Like beyond words.

Each day we were given a topic to photograph and each day it inspired me to not only capture a “subject” but capture a piece of me by journaling throughout the process.

It was an amazing experience and I “met” so many wonderful Canadian bloggers along the way.

I am so honoured to be attending this year (my first!!!) and I hope to see you there!!!

Thank you Blissdom Canada!!

BlissDom Canada

Mama’s Losin’ It
Prompt: Write a blog post in exactly 12 lines/Share the story behind your current Facebook and/or Twitter profile photo

Grade A For The First Day | Netflix #StreamTeam

When your kid reads a book so amazing that he has to take a picture of it.


I love it.

I love it because this is him enjoying reading.

I love it because this is him unknowingly a few books away from smashing the bucket list his grade one teacher challenged him to complete before the start of the school year.

Oh yes, all summer long we’ve been reading.

In the house, out of the house, at the park, at the campground, on vacation, every day we are reading and oh the things he’s learned.


Did you know that some movies were books before movies and some TV shows are books?

No way?

His discovery of this?


And I thank his teacher for it because I honestly don’t know if I could have coaxed him into a library without dangling a hamburger from the end of  a hockey stick to get him to walk in there.

Teachers — you are amazing people.

I hope that they had a relaxing summer off because in just a few weeks, my kid, along with every other kid charged up on sun and fun and messed up bedtime routines are returning.

This month on Netflix your wee ones and big ones will love seeing these new original series Project Mc2, DinoTrux, and  Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland — and you’ll love them too because they touch on important lessons that can’t always be taught inside the classroom and give them confidence to be their best selves.  What a great way to help them ease their first day school jitters!


The New Netflix Original Series:

  1. Project Mc2

Premiering on Netflix Aug. 7, but you can get a first look here. Project Mc2 features four supercool fierce teen spies who show how girls can use science smarts and math problem-solving to save the world – and look cool doing it, without sacrificing their individuality. Total #SmartGirl inspo.

       2.  DinoTrux


DinoTrux has more than meets the tire, er, eye – these prehistoric hybrid dinosaur-construction vehicles team-up to work together using their different skills to solve problems. Even the most uncommon of pairs, like Ty-Rux and Revvit, form friendships of a lifetime. The show premieres Aug. 14, only on Netflix.

3. Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland


Good? Evil? Your actions, behaviours and friends are your choice! The offspring of favourite fairytale characters in Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland (8/14) show kids that their stories are their own to write – this time at Wonderland High!

Other great titles:





New on Netflix For Kids and Family



What lessons will you be sharing with your kids to calm those first day jitters?




On Loving School And Winning Something Lovable | Lovable Labels Givaway


These shoes took him beyond the confines of the kindergarten fence and into the “big kid school yard” where grand adventures of slip-n-da-mud and jump-in-the-boxes and chase-da-girls and soccer and rock throwing and making lots of new friends occurred.

Grade one was something wonderful, he once told me during our walk one morning.

“I love my friends. I love my teacher. I love lunch time. I love numbers. I love the books. I just love school.”

“That makes me so happy that you love learning”

“Whoa mom. I said I love school. Not learning.”

Says my boy who spent more time in the library than the actual librarian.


And these shoes also spent time under the hot sun running bases and flying kites and learning how to ride a bike without training wheels.

They even survived day camp.

They’re his favourite you know and surprisingly he hasn’t lost them through his travels.

This mom has Lovable Labels to thank for keeping them safe and sound.


Lovable Labels are personalized durable labels and tags that are waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe, washer and dryer safe, sun safe, bleach safe, sunscreen safe, and temperature safe.






I’ve put them on his coats, sweaters, hockey equipment, t-ball helmet, backpack, lunch containers and so on. They are truly durable.

As you can tell just by my son’s shoes that have weathered grade one, you can tell how truly durable they are which is why I highly recommend Lovable Labels and their Back To School Packs (my favourite value pack they offer!).


The Back To School Packs Include:

15 Regular Sticker Labels – great for lunch containers, water bottles, sports equipment, binders, etc.
80 Slimline Labels – great for smaller items such as pens/pencils, electronics, etc.
48 Press n’Stick Clothing DOTS
12 Shoe Labels
12 Square Labels – use them on everything from books to binders to laptops etc.
2 Mini Metal Tags

The Back To School Pack is available in 22 designs/ colours and 45 icons that are ready to be personalized so that your child’s belongings stick to them and not in the lost and found bin!

All for ONLY $44.95!

And it’s free shipping until the end of September!


You can order your Back To School Pack or learn more about Lovable Labels and their amazing labeling products on their website www.lovablelabels.ca

Follow them on Facebook and twitter.


 Lovable Labels is giving away one Back To School Pack to one lucky winner. Giveaway open to Canadian Residents only. Winner will be contacted by email.


Good luck!

Disclaimer: I received a Lovable Labels Back To School Pack in exchange for this review and giveaway. All opinions are my own.
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