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My Story Is Not Over

Fall 2008

I was standing in front of the stove, sterilizing the glass baby bottles in a pot of boiling water when it hit me. The water splashed on my arms and parts of my thighs, scalding my flesh. Instinctively, I jumped backwards and when the sting registered in my mind, I moved in closer. For the first time in months, I felt a strange sense of relief with this physical pain. It’s as if the vice crushing my insides loosened; the emotions had somewhere to go.

Even if it is brief, I found a way escape this fiery world of pain.

Self-harm is not an “attention getter”. It’s not a badge of honour. It is not a failed suicide attempt. It does not imply that we are danger to you. It is not just exclusive to teens; I am 33 years old. It’s not like stuffing yourself into the latest fashion fad just because it’s cool.

Self-harm is a coping mechanism.

Like popping an overinflated balloon, self-harm provokes an outward explosion of unbearable emotional pain that I cannot rid myself of. It is an immediate release, albeit a temporary one.

I have an amazing support system and a psychiatrist of whom I can trust to talk about my intense emotion pain, yet I rarely tell them that it’s those feelings that trigger the self-destructive behaviour. Nonetheless, I am receiving help. I do not display my scars for all to see. They are concealed under clothes and wounds are inflicted in places that are not obvious.

I often think of the thousands of people who do the same, tugging at their sleeves, wearing pants in the summer and thick jewelry crawling up their arms, who won’t get undressed in front of their lover, and who always has an excuse for their injuries. Not only are they attempting to keep their scars a secret, they are also hiding their emotional pain.
The Semicolon Project 416

This is why I am taking part in The Semicolon Project 416. The Semicolon Project was created for those who were going through struggles with self-harm, depression and suicide. The symbol of the movement, the semicolon, represents our stories that are never ending.

On April 16th, 2014, several bloggers including myself, are banding together to show others who are fighting like mad, that there is never an end ( represented by a period) to our lives. WE keep moving forward. Along with drawing a semicolon on our wrists, we have written posts of encouragement and awareness and hope.

You do not have to blogger to participate. Anyone can and the more the better. Show those who are suffering in silence that it is safe to reach out for help. All that you have to do is draw a semicolon on your wrist.

“A semicolon represents a sentence the author could’ve ended, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life”

semicolon project 416

  If you are a blogger (and you do not have to be a mental health blogger) and would like to help spread the word, you can write a post or simply take a picture of your wrist with a semicolon written on it and link it up with other amazing bloggers who are taking part in this movement. 

The link is on Motherhood Unadorned and is open until April 19th.  

Taking Care Of Our Earth Starts With Little Minds | Earth Month #StreamTeam

“Momma, why do people throw their junk on the ground? It goes in a garbage can,” my son said as he kicked a pop can on the street.

“You’re right. Garbage goes in a garbage can. Some people don’t care though.”

“Well those people, they make earth sad. They make earth cry because it is not nice. They make everything dirty.”

And that is so true.

My son had learned so much in his seemingly quick first year of school and it blew my mind. At four years old he could teach me a thing or two about the things I had forgotten over the years. When we walk home from school, I love to listen to his stories about his day. On that particular day though, when he told me about the garbage and how he had to wear a shirt that is either brown, blue, or green to celebrate the world, I thought it was a great way to get school age children aware of ways to protect our planet.

It all starts with little minds.

It is hard to engage school age children when you’re trying to teach them very valuable lessons. As parents or guardians, we have to make it fun while educational and what better way to do that than to have them watch a movie?

In celebration of Earth Month, Netflix has selected some wonderful titles that will help you, yes you too, and your child learn more about ways to help keep our plant clean. My son adores Bubble Guppies: Boy Meets Squirrel so that is what we had watched together.

There are so many more titles to chose from such as the following:

netflix earth month Kids

Other cool things that you can do with your children is to get interactive with them. My son loves the outdoors, I mean, what kid doesn’t. We decided to take him on a nature walk and to show him why we need to protect our planet. Keep it beautiful. Engaging them in Earth Day activities is not only fun, but educational.

earth month

We are a recycling household and are conscious about the environment. We teach our son that littering is bad and that glass, paper, milk cartons, etc. go in the blue or red box. Because of this, I’ve caught him razzing family for not putting the garbage where it needs to go. Love that a kid can kick an adult in the arse.

For myself, I love learning from documentaries. They are real eye openers and I find that it is easier to connect with rather than a made up movie. Netflix has a fantastic collection of interesting documentaries and the one that my husband and I enjoyed (and was a huge jaw dropper) was the documentary called Addicted To Plastic. This one will blow your mind. Other titles that are available on Netflix include:

netflix earth month adult

It is so important that we take care of our environment and I hope that you will join in and participate in Earth Month.


Disclosure:  I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and received a one-year subscription to Netflix and a Roku media streaming device in return for posting Netflix updates and reviews, however, all opinions are my own.



When It Snows In Spring | Lovable Labels #YOLO Sale

April 15, 2014,

I finally got to see how pale my arms were after spending what seemed like an eternity covered with layers upon layers of clothing. They are a stark contrast to my dark Italian hair so I look like a wookie. Only prettier.

Yes, spring had finally arrived on the weekend with our temperatures soaring to 24 degrees Celsius. I opened the windows open to let the spring air bring life into our home.

Today,  we woke up to an inch of snow.

Well played Mother Nature.what the

Well played.

Yes, we have snow. Can you believe it?

Said no Canadian ever.

I knew that I shouldn’t have put our winter wear away and I’d like to apologize to all Canadians everywhere for jinxing it.

It took all but a minute to pull out my son’s mittens and toque because it was just put away so it hasn’t had the chance to migrate all the way to the back of the closet.

“Which gloves do you want to wear?” I asked my son.

“Ummmm,” my little boy diva tapped on his chin, “I will look cool in the black ones.”

Black ones it is.

Now did anyone catch that I wrote gloves, as in we have multiple gloves? For a five year old? How is that possible?

Parents of school age kids know that winter is the time of year when gloves grow legs and walk away. They end up in the lost and found, in other kids backpacks, stuck on a pole, frozen in time on the side of the road, etc. Kids are careless, mine included. The only difference between him and wearing mismatched gloves for the entire season is that we have them labeled with Lovable Labels


Loveable Labels  are personalized durable labels and tags that are waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe, washer and dryer safe, sun safe, bleach safe, sunscreen safe, and temperature safe. I’ve put them on his coats, sweaters, hockey equipment, t-ball helmet, backpack, lunch containers and so on. They are truly durable.

Lovable Labels


When you use Lovable Labels, you only label once…..YOLO!!!


From April 15th to April 17th, 2014 at 11:59pm PST, Lovable Labels is offering

$10 off of a purchase that is $25 or more!

    Use promo code:     YOLO2014


Let’s keep our kids things out of the Lost and Found bin with Lovable Labels!!! You can purchase Lovable Labels on their website:


*Disclaimer: I am part of Lovable Labels Love Bug Program. I received multipurpose labels in exchange for this sale advertisement. All opinions are my own. 

Defrosting Robins

I am waging war against all mother effing passwords. I remember them as good as Michelle Duggar remembers michelleduggarecardto take her birth control pills.

Rather, family planning via pump and prayer if you know what I mean.

Why are we terrified of the conflicts in the middle east when this woman is building an army in her uterus? I wonder what she lists as her occupation on Facebook.


…because a bun in the oven requires pre-heating and then baking it for a really long time.

She ain’t got time for that.

I have to renew a special certification that allows me to work in the US. I visited the site which required my password that I created like 5 years ago so of course I did not remember it. I had it sent to my old email that I rarely check and I forgot that one too. Wordswordswords…you know the frustrating drill of waiting for a troll to visit you at home to take your finger prints and then waiting for their confirmation and a new code.

Two days Hotmail. It took you two days to send me a code. You’re lucky that no one that I love died in those two days because I would have never known.

Notice how people are relying on email to break bad news? The older my family gets, the more my Facebook page and emails start to resemble the obituaries. It is so uplifting.

Oh computers.

You know how you know that it’s spring in Canada? When the weather rises above freezing. You can never look at a Canadian emerging from their cocoons after spending long winter months huddling over heating vents because it is the only time where we look scary white like gingers. So scary that we actually burn retinas. What about the gingers you might ask?  The gingers just disappear entirely.

Oh hey Mona, my soon to be sister in law. I haven’s seen you since October.

During the changing of the seasons, us Canadians are weather wear confused.

It’s too warm to wear a parka but not too cold to wear shorts.

It’s too cold to wear shorts but not too cold to wear a tank top.

Maybe it was too cold for a tank top because my nipples just fell off.

Take for example, my child. He has no idea whether we are celebrating Christmas in the summer or mom just didn’t have time to get to the laundry. Either way, he’s cute.

weather confused

Speaking of this little turd, the other day he said, “Momma, if God didn’t kill Jesus, we wouldn’t be alive and we wouldn’t get treats for Easter. Aren’t you so very happy that God killed Jesus?”

He could have been paraphrasing it a bit unless the teacher had a headache and wanted them to shut up and focus on colouring Jesus’ paint by numbers. Chunky was riled up that Jesus wasn’t allowed to have a blue beard.

“That is ree-dick-lous. Why can’t he have a blue beard? I want him to have a blue beard! Why can’t he have a colourful beard?”

“Because God killed him. Just colour the fucking beard brown.”


I lost my faith a long time ago and I bet that you’re wondering why I would send my son to a Catholic school. There are reasons but I don’t feel like getting shanked on a Friday because that would ruin my entire weekend. On that note, I love Easter for all of the wrong reasons. Mostly, I love it because it signifies spring and that air of optimism rears its sweet gorgeous face. This is what I am thankful for this week. (#TTOT)

1. Seeing robins that are plucking worms from the lawn rather than seeing them defrosting on the side of the road.

2. Driveway hockey resumes.

road hockey

3. BBQ without undercooking the meat because it was just too damn cold to stand out there for that long.

4. This….

photo (16)

5. Walks with all of us because the dog almost met Jesus and his blue beard.


6. Wearing my flats instead of boots.

7. Opening windows.

8. Getting the mail without getting hypothermia.

9. Wearing sunglasses like a boss.


10. Park time


I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend and are enjoying some much needed spring weather.

Also, if you are Canadian, I am hosting a giveaway for a 6 month subscription to Netflix. You know you want it.

Ten Things of Thankful

Snail Up | Netflix Canada Subscription Giveaway

Who loves snails?

I don’t.

According to my son, I am a snail killer.

Let’s back that up.

We were walking to school and it flew out of nowhere and stopped right under my foot. It was like squirrel versus car, only snail versus my favourite blue flats.

Flats is a pun.

Anyways, he kindly reminded me of the day I murdered a snail when we watched the movie Turbo. Have you seen it yet? It is a 3D movie about a snail who has a passion for racing. His brother thinks that he is foolish to think about becoming a racer but Turbo kept believing in his dream.  One day he gains the super power of speed which landed his adrenaline packed shell in the Indy 500. It is hilarious and my kid loves it.

The movie doesn’t end there. You can join Turbo and his team on the Turbo FAST Action Stunt Team series on Netflix. “Turbo FAST” is full of action and it’s hilarious. You’re…I mean…your kids will love this series.


Turbo FAST was released on Netflix and I know that you are more than interested in watching it.

And you can.

Netflix is offering one lucky CANADIAN winner a 6 month Netflix membership along with a swag bag.

How cool is that? You’re going to not only love Turbo FAST, you will love Netflix. Netflix is a monthly subscription service for unlimited movies and tv shows. It is awesome for those rainy days or movie nights with family and friends.

Giveaway is open to CANADIAN residents +18 years only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and received a one-year subscription to Netflix and a Roku media streaming device in return for posting Netflix updates and reviews, however, all opinions are my own.


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