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Just One Click And You Can Cross Germ-Busting Off Your To-Do List!

From tying shoelaces, to putting on underwear, to putting things in the oven, to bending to spit out toothpaste at the bathroom sink, to vacuuming, to pushing a full shopping cart, etc. I never realized how much we relied on our backs until I broke mine when I was only 23 years old.

Despite a surgery and numerous procedures, I still battle chronic pain every day but I have good days and even great days of which I am so very thankful for.

I had to make a lot of lifestyle changes and have adapted different ways of doing things. For example, I have mastered picking up everything with my toes except for kids. Don’t try that.

They get nightmares apparently.

Lysol1- Copy

Speaking of nightmares, the bathroom is mine.

You see, I have two boys.

One is six years old and the husband is thirty seven and they both have mastered the art of spray painting on and around the toilet.

And I’m not talking about using paint.

Our poor Thunder Bucket gets violated on a daily basis and I, the one with the busted up spine, am the one who cleans it.

Every. Single. Day.

Picture me hunched over awkwardly with a brush and a gas mask and a blow torch and a chisel and a — never mind.

It sucks but I clean it because it’s gross and I can’t stand the germs!

Do you know who else can’t stand germs?

Do you know who else cares that your toilet stays fresh, clean and safe and that you have an easy way to do it?

Lysol® does.


With the NEW Lysol® Click gel™ Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner “just one click” of this convenient, self-sticking gel against the inside of the toilet, you can cross bathroom germ-busting off your to-do list!


The Lysol® Click gel™ Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner is very easy to use but before I started, I did clean the toilet and hopefully exorcised the demons that inhabited my son’s stomach the day before. Yes, stomach viruses are all the rage nowadays.

Because winter is fun.

Well played universe.

The good thing about this product is that you can use it together with Lysol® Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaners to power through tough stains and are the ultimate duo for clean and hygienic toilets. So I wasn’t worried about cleaning before applying the gel.

The best part though…the very best part though is that the Lysol® Click gel™ Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner is really easy to use.

I opened the wrapper. Took out the applicator and peeled off the protective film. I pressed the applicator against the dry toilet bowl until it clicked.

And bam.


There she is.

The applicator goes right into the recyclable bin (or trash). YES. It can be recycled! Plus, I never have to get my hands dirty.

Lysol® Click gel™ Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner kept our toilet clean and smelling fresh for one week with just one click!

Even with my two boys.

Minus what happened outside of the bowl…but that’s a whole other story.

Lysol® Click gel™ Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner is bleach-free, comes in a pack of four (each lasting 1 week) and is available in a variety of scents such as Citrus, Lavender and Spring Waterfall. I tried Spring Waterfall and it smells clean.

Visit the Lysol® website for more details and to take advantage of coupon offers!

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Lysol®, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Lysol®.

Waking Up The Neighborhood

It’s the first time that I have walked my son to school in a long while.

Our city is grumbling and moaning and stretching and yawning, but it is finally waking up. There are more than just one type of bird that are singing, there’s a constant pitter patter of snow melting from rooftops, the odd tree branch snapping under the weight of jumping squirrels, creaking and cracking of thinned ice collected in the uneven patches of driveways and lawns, and then there are the loud thuds of happy boots skipping alongside me – if I were to close my eyes right here on the side of the road and just listened, I would think it was spring.


The morning air is still cold but when I take a breath it doesn’t burn my lungs like it used to. Instead it cleanses and calms as it slowly travels right down to the base of my lungs. I hold it there for as long as I can and then release.

Today, it almost makes me feel alive.


I’m ready for the snow to be gone and for the colour to return. I want to see every shade of green, even the f*cking weeds I don’t care. Yellows, reds, pinks, oh my god, my pink peonies in my garden – I miss them.


I want to rip away these layers of clothes so that I can feel the sun on my skin even if it burns, I don’t care.  I want to drag my bare feet over cool blades of grass while I drink tea in my backyard and I’ll even tolerate listening to my hairy Italian neighbor babble on about taxes and boils and arthritis, I don’t care.

July 124

I want to watch my son and husband play baseball, soccer, hockey, and whatever in the backyard and I’ll even let them trample my garden, I don’t care.

Chunky threw a fistful of garden dirt in Shawn's face in this shot...and flower.

Chunky threw a fistful of garden dirt in Shawn’s face in this shot…and flower.

I want to have BBQ’ed everything because I don’t want to have one more “hearty” slow cooker meal and I’ll even clean the BBQ, I don’t care.

I want to open the windows and let that air in – breathe life into this space even if it gets dusty, I will dust, I don’t care.

I want the depression to melt away along with the snow.

My soul would grumble and moan and stretch and yawn and I wouldn’t care because it is finally waking up.

Coming alive again.

Just like the neighborhood.

Circa June 2014 - my kid has teeth here and I actually have colour!

Circa June 2014 -


The Poo Flu


His long lashes fluttered as his eyes darted through a magical world of dream. His cracked dry lips pursed and then curled up at the edges to form a quick half smile. I traced my fingers alongside his chubby cheeks and the tiniest of  giggles got caught in his throat. 

“Momma, did you fart?” he asked while slowly opening one eye.

“No! Did you?”

“No! It smells so very badly!”

“OH MY GOD! Was that you?”

He grasped my hand, “Momma, I think I sharted.”

When you have a stomach virus, chances are if you think you did something, you probably did.

“Don’t move,” I told him.

“But I have poop -”

“Don’t. Move. You’re lying on top of me so just stay still until I think of a game plan. Pretend you’re a garden gnome.”

“Like this Momma?” Chunky asked while putting his hands on his hips.

“Wow that is a very good impersonation of a gnome. I’m going to hold a flower basket like this.” I stuck my arms out and then we both started laughing because what else can you do when you shit yourself in your sleep.

“Ugh it smells like a barnyard down here! What in the hell are you two doing?” Shawn asked as he walked passed us on the couch.

“Sharting and gnoming,” replied Chunky.

Sharting and gnoming.

The stomach virus only lasted 12 hours but it was a long 12 hours of feeling utterly helpless watching him writhe in pain.  At one point he shouted at me from inside the puke bucket that “You’re a nurse and you can make this stooopppbbbarrfffff. Make this go away please. Blahhh toot blarrghhhh. Why is this happening? Make it stop Momma!”

And I couldn’t.

But I made him laugh and I loved him lots and sometimes that’s the best damn medicine.

During my career as a pediatric ER nurse, I had witnessed so many children fighting hard against illnesses that were so vicious that even an adult body couldn’t handle. And their parents, bless them, did everything they could and would do anything for those precious angels.

Let’s be honest, how many of us take our children’s health (or our own) for granted until they fall ill?

Today my bucket of 10 overflows with gratitude that my son is strong and healthy.






Ten Things of Thankful

Silly Professor And Silly Putty | #StreamTeam Science Fair Fun

I think that we’ve all had that one teacher who taught outside of the curriculum  box and for me that was Mr. C – a wild haired Italian with a passion for science and a creepy pet tarantula that he brought with him to school.

Because no one wants to babysit a spider.

No one.

Mr. C  made our boring textbook lessons come to life through elaborate demonstrations using Styrofoam balls to mimic neutrons and protons  and wacky experiments using Bunsen burners and the questionably safe chemicals he had concocted.

I say questionable because this one time he blew up parts of the ceiling of our classroom.

By making science a hands on learning experience, Mr. C in turn made science cool. He always had our undivided attention and I don’t think I have ever been in a class where everyone was more than willing to participate.

Well, except for when he needed someone to hold his spider.


I hope that my son will one day have a science teacher like Mr. C but he doesn’t have to wait until high school. We can start the science fun at home.

We are making some Silly Putty!

silly putty

All you need are 2 ingredients:

Dish soap and corn starch


In a mixing bowl combine 2 tablespoons of corn starch with 1.5 tablespoons of dish soap.

Mix the two ingredients together with a spoon for 10 seconds and then do the rest of the mixing with your hands!

If the silly putty is a bit runny, add a bit more corn starch.

If the silly putty is a bit dry, add a bit more dish soap.

Silly Putty hands

The silly putty does not last long so you will not need to store it. Toss it out when you’re done!

March Break is coming upon us and that also means that the Science Fair Season is kicking off! This month Netflix has lined up some really great titles to help your kids get science-inspired!

For your little kids:


1. The Magic School Bus Gains Weight
2. Fetch! with Ruff
3. Animal Mechanicals, Balloon Volcano Island
4. Sid the Science Kid

For the big kids:


1. Nova: Hunting the Elements
2. Cosmos
3. Deadliest Volcanoes: Nova
4. Let Your Mind Wonder



Disclosure:  I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and received a one-year subscription to Netflix in return for posting Netflix updates and reviews, however, all opinions are my own.

Cowhide Rugs Available In A Huge Array Of Markings

Cowhide rugs are highly expressive accent pieces that display an appreciation for stylish and contemporary, yet practical, home decor. Because they’re a completely natural in origin, they do an exemplary job of demonstrating nature’s beauty. This also makes them highly variable, able to fit in with virtually any decor style. Furthermore, unlike other rug types, a cowhide rugs are easy to clean and will stand up to even the heaviest traffic. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from one of these fine rugs.

Highly Versatile

Rugs made from cow skin are useful for more than just floor coverings. You can also hang them on the wall to create a natural yet elegant focal piece. Plus, because they’re available in numerous colors, including dyed and natural, there’s a cowhide rug out there that was practically made just for you. If a bold statement is what you’re after, why not try a solid-dyed cowhide rug? They keep the natural texture of cowhide while calling attention to themselves as a centerpiece. You could also choose from the incredible assortment of natural styles. You’ll find markings like spots, stripes, speckles, dots, patches and even no pattern at all, and in colors like cream, black, brown, tan, gray and white.

Ease of Maintenance

Cleaning your rug is simple. Just take the vacuum to it or give it a good shake to get rid of dust and dirt. If you’re so inclined, you can also go over it with a stiff plastic brush. This removes additional filth while also smoothing out and fluffing the fur. Should you spill something on your cowhide rug, it’s not a problem. The fur and skin are highly resistant to staining. Simply soak up the spill with a sponge or paper towel and wipe clean.


Cowhide rugs are hypoallergenic and free of perfumes. Unlike other rugs, frequent vacuuming, washing or sanitizing are not necessary. Cowhide rugs won’t harbor or produce allergens that irritate your eyes and nose.


If you want to add a more natural appeal to your home’s decor, you can find everything you’re looking for in a cowhide rug. As natural products, these rugs offer limitless combinations of colors, patterns, sizes and shapes. Every rug is completely unique, just like you and your personality. Although many cowhide rugs may share certain characteristics with other ones, like similar hues of black, white, tan or cream, no two rugs will be identical. Each cow breed possesses its own specific colors and patterns that differentiate it from other breeds, but those characteristics can still vary widely within a breed. What better representation of nature’s splendor can there be?

Long Life

As a leather product, cowhide rugs ensure optimal durability and a long useful life. Many people who own a cowhide rug will enjoy them for a lifetime with only basic care. They also maintain their supple and flexible texture, making them a consistent pleasure to walk on.

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