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Sometimes The People You Love Don’t Understand

new do


I am afraid of the monster whose shadow twists and bends across the walls in my mind and has settled too comfortably into my bones.

I wonder if anyone knows that it’s killing me.

I hear them sigh when I panic over silly things and

I see the downturn in their facial expressions – their […]

Shawn Has One Job



Since I was in and out of the doctors offices and the ER all last week and the fact that I can’t pull up my own panties, our home has gone to hell. We have dog hair tumbleweeds lining our hallways and by the looks of our desecrated thunder bucket in the bathroom, I am […]

Being Here

Circa 2011


****This post is triggering. If you are in a bad place, I ask that you skip on down to the red asterisks.***

Outside of my window, the rain fell. Ominous clouds suffocated the skyline, fusing the world’s brilliant colours of promise and the lifeless shades of melancholia. Autumn’s chill was present in […]

Babies Come From The God Store



I didn’t realize how disgusting the stadium floors were. Gum, smashed peanut shells, and a trail of toilet paper that led to a beastly man holding a tray of nachos. He did not go easy on the jalapenos which meant that he was definitely going to have the worst case of lava shits in the […]


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My heart leapt in erratic as I watched the cursor blink at the end of the final sentence of my pitch. All that was left to do was hit submit.

Just one click.

“What’s the worst that could happen? They say no. You drink until you don’t feel your hurt feelings and then you get […]

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